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Know the health benefits of an adjustable bed

Know the health benefits of an adjustable bed

An adjustable bed offers an optimal sleeping position, which makes everyone sleep better. A certain set of people will find it more beneficial as it helps to get relief from some health conditions as well. Adjustable foundations paired with the perfect mattress have numerous health benefits; let's check them out- 

Reduce back pain

People who suffer from back pain have mentioned how sleeping on a slope relieves them. Medical experts have also confirmed that sleeping on an incline can work for those suffering from issues such as back pain. 

Sleeping on an incline is good because it takes off pressure from your spine. The slope allows more support beneath your knees and spine to relax while sleeping. Also, a slightly inclined upper body and elevated knees support the spine's natural curve.

Bid adieu to snores

If you snore, imagine your partner's plight, who suffers from the noise all night long. Many a time, the person snoring wakes up due to the noise! If your snoring is due to congestion, sleep apnea, or asthma, then the adjustable bed brings an easy solution. If you elevate your upper body by 20-30 degrees, your airways remain open. An open airway means you can breathe easily without the snores.

Forget acid reflux and heartburn

Acid reflux is one of the common health conditions which creates a burning pain in the chest area and throat. This generally happens when the stomach acid bounces back to your esophagus. 

An adjustable base solves this problem of acid reflux! You can elevate your upper body, and the acid from your stomach won't be able to bounce back to the throat. Try the zero-gravity position on your smart adjustable bed base, and you can sleep sans worry! 

Better circulation 

Experts have mentioned that proper circulation is essential to sleep well at night. The pressure points on the body lead to a reduction of circulation in those parts. If you have a smart adjustable bed base, you can switch to a posture allowing more blood flow to the entire body and heart. Adjustable foundations paired with the perfect mattress are highly recommended for those suffering from circulatory issues.

Get rid of insomnia 

Insomnia is rising rapidly throughout America, and it is reported that at least 35% of people have insomnia in America and sleep fewer than 7 hours. In 2020, the sale of melatonin supplements broke all previous records in the country. 

If you are one of those who have insomnia and have tried everything to get sleep, then it's high time to consider an adjustable bed. Insomnia can be due to chronic pain, stress, or an anxious mind, and with an adjustable bed, you can switch to different elevations and postures to get sleep. You can try out multiple positions you cannot achieve on a regular foundation. You may end up finding out a sleep position that you never tried before, and it makes you fall asleep swiftly! 

Enhanced digestion 

Sleeping flat many times hinders the natural digestion process. When you sleep, your bodily processes do not stop; instead, they work hard to digest your food. This is a significant reason why people often wake up with a troubled stomach. With an adjustable bed, you can elevate your upper body slightly and sleep on your left side. This is generally regarded as the ideal posture for digestion.

Reduces arthritis pain 

Just like it helps reduce back pain, an adjustable base also helps fight chronic pain like arthritis. With an adjustable bed, you can position the mattress in such a way that pressure is taken off from those problem areas. If you suffer from morning stiffness, the adjustable bed can assist in getting you off the blocks smoothly. The zero-gravity position from an adjustable bed can be beneficial in reducing all the pressure from the body.

No more leg swelling

If you suffer from swollen legs due to injury, pregnancy, or edema, it worsens when you sleep flat. The elevation provided to your legs by an adjustable bed can resist the accumulation of such fluids and keep your legs in better shape. It takes a click of a button, and you will get the most supportive sleep position for your swollen legs.

Multitask in a healthy way

Are you working from home and using the bed as a workspace? If yes, a flatbed can cause numerous issues to your spine when you work on your laptop. On the other hand, with an adjustable bed base, you can elevate the head of the mattress and get all the work done without compromising the posture. It can sum up as the perfect spot for your work-from-home hours! 

Plus, whenever you wish to take a nap break, you are just a click of a button away from getting back to the sleeping position. 

This sums up the fact that adjustable beds are much better than regular flat beds. With such behemoth benefits, there's no way you are sleeping on anything else than an adjustable bed!

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We wish you the best and healthy sleep!

January 12, 2023