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Can Sleeping Make You Lose Weight?

Can Sleeping Make You Lose Weight?

Losing weight is hard work, especially with work from home and dealing with the global trauma of the pandemic. Thus, who wouldn’t want to welcome various and easy ways to lose weight from home, right? You may think this is not right, but modern-day research suggests sleep is also a way to lose weight. You can also try other methods like following a healthy diet and workout routine. However, you can also burn that extra fat by following a proper sleep schedule on comfortable mattresses.

According to The National Sleep Foundation research, our work-life balance is disrupting the natural circadian rhythms the body follows. This interruption is causing the excessive body fats to stay instead of dissolving. Another research suggests that the best way to lose weight is by simply going to bed early. The scientists told some people who ate for 14 hours every day cut down to 11 hours and sleep the rest 3 hours. After 16 weeks, there was a 3-5% weight difference and fewer body fats in these people.

How Many Calories Do You Burn in Sleep?

The amount of calories you burn while sleeping is different for everyone. The difference is because everybody is different and their functioning too. For example, a forty-year male weighing 195 lb and is 5 feet 9 inches during an 8-hour sleep will burn about 535 calories. These calories burn during every 8-hour sleep schedule. However, the amount of calories that can burn while sleeping in males and females is different. 

Different Ways to Burn Calories by Sleeping

There are many ways to improving your sleep schedule and keeping yourself asleep for longer. You can try the techniques given below and see what works according to your plan and preferences. 

1. Get enough sleep

There is no other approach to saying it, get enough sleep as it is the first to losing weight. You need to follow a particular sleep schedule and stick to it so you can weigh. Every researcher on losing weight by sleeping says that it is essential to sleep and sleep enough. They say sleep is necessary for the normal functioning of hormones, the immune system, and other systems. A body that doesn’t rest enough is a sleepy brain and does not function properly.

2. Don’t Focus Only on Cardio

There is no doubt cardio is terrific. However, it is crucial to also focus on strength training. If you want to take advantage of weight loss during sleep, strength training is the way to go. Strength training not only burns fats during the training like cardio but also after you stop. You can stop at the gym after work or do some simple strength exercises at home. These exercises right before your bedtime will keep your body under calorie-burning mode all night long. 

3. Include hand or ankle weights in your walks

You don’t have to give up your walk to lose weight through strengthening exercises. You can continue walking with a bit of weight add-on. Include some dumbbells or ankle weights during your walks. This add-on will convert your cardio and strength training into one and help you lose weight faster during the walk and later when you sleep. 

4. 5-minute forward fold

This technique is used to promote better sleep and help your calories to burn faster. There are some yoga positions which you can try before bed to stretch your body and fall asleep quickly. These poses not only promote sleep but also help to ease and calm the mind. Just sit upright and stretch your legs on the bed. Then hinge forward and try to touch your toes with your hands. You will feel a stretch in the back of your legs, the hamstrings. While doing this, breathe five slow deep breaths in and out. Practicing this exercise before sleeping will relax your muscles and promote weight loss during sleep. 

5. Sleep in a darker and cooler environment

A small study on losing weight published by the journal Diabetes suggests that people who keep their room temperature steady lose weight faster and promote better sleep too. The study says that people who kept their temperature at 66 degrees for a month showed tremendous weight loss and metabolism boost than others. The study also incorporates that a room that is too warm can keep you up for long and challenging to be asleep. 

6. Scheduled sleeping and small dinner

Apart from going to bed at the same time every day, it is also essential to regulate your eating habits. Nutritionists say that our body runs on a circadian rhythm. It is a 24-hour function helping us to function and acts as the body’s internal clock. The food we eat and the times we choose to eat influence the circadian rhythm significantly. Thus, it is crucial to pick the correct times for eating to promote a healthy lifestyle for our bodies. 

For example, if you have dinner at 8 pm every day, then your body responds with hunger hormones if you are late in your intake. This schedule will help the body to digest better and allow us to fall asleep faster too. 

Also, keep your dinners small. There is an old saying which translates to decreasing your food intake as the day goes on. So, eat a heavy breakfast as it is the first meal and the most important of the day. However, as you reach dinner, decrease the amount of food on your plate. Small dinners will help you to sleep better and burn more calories.

7. Sleepers mattress

If you think the points mentioned above are hard to follow or you don’t have time for all of them, get a sleepers mattress. These are special mattresses available in top mattress stores like Mancini’s Sleepworld. They are available in 34 locations with sleep experts to cater to all your sleeping needs. Sleepers mattresses are designed to regulate your sleep and keep you asleep for longer than usual. The mattress helps in burning more calories without you working on it yourself. Sounds fantastic, right? So, visit Mancini’s today or book an appointment with the sleep experts for better discounts and offers. 

July 30, 2021