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7 Ways in Which Work & Technology Impact Sleep

7 Ways in Which Work & Technology Impact Sleep

On average, Americans spend a minimum of 10 hours using technology before bed time. When we say technology, we mean computers, TVs, smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets. These machines are required at the workplace, but their excessive use can cause various kinds of sleep disorders.

Almost everyone likes to watch TV before going to sleep, and many people fall asleep in front of the TV. With a generation built on technology, we want to keep our smartphones close to us even while sleeping. These habits of screen timecan cause sleep disorders and are recently on the rise.

Below are seven ways in which work and technology cause sleep disorders:

Doctors recommend you spend some time away from your phone and computer or any other tech device before going to bed and even while working, if possible, because,

1. Blue Light

Blue lights are excellent for your skin and energize you to start your day, but that's only true for blue light emitted by the sun. The devices used at work, such as smartphones and computers, also emit shortwaves and blue light. The blue light released by these gadgets is artificial, harmful, and can cause sleep disorders. 

There are multiple problems cause by the excess intake of blue light known as 'The Dark Side of Blue Light.' Some of them are

  • Melatonin, a chemical needed for sleep, is produced in the brain. The light that shines in your eyes sends signals to your brain interfering with the production of Melatonin, causing sleep deprivation.
  • All lights contribute to keeping us awake, but blue light is so adequate that it is used in factories to keep the night workers awake. 
  • The Sleep Health Foundation says repeated use of the bright screen for five days/nights can delay your sleep cycle by 1.5 hours. This sleep cycle can cause problems since work/school schedules don't get delayed. 

Thus, it is advised not to use gadgets for extended periods before bed time and get a good night’s sleep.

2. Night Shift

Sleep and night shift work are hard to sync, as working late or throughout the night is standard in many industries. Employees have to work during when the rest of the world sleeps. However, this work schedule changes their sleeping timetable and can impact their health. To avoid such health issues, you can't stop working, but you can help yourself by not spending more than the required time on technology.

3. Shift Sleep Disorder

When you work for multi-national corporations, shift times keep changing, and due to that, you have to change your sleeping patterns. Decreasing the use of multiple gadgets simultaneously, such as working on your laptop while watching TV, can be less sleep-deprived.

4. Screen Time

The amount of time you spend continuously in front of the screen can also cause you a sleeping disorder. Doctors advise taking frequent breaks while working on electronic devices. This does not mean that you use your smartphone after putting your laptop away! For example, take a 10-minute break every 2 hours and use tech during those 10 minutes to keep yourself healthy and sleep well at night. 

5. Wi-Fi Signals

It may sound insane, but it is true. The frequencies emitted by your device while using the Wi-Fi can cause you not to have a good night's sleep. In today's world, there is no location where you can't get access to Wi-Fi. Even if you are working from a café, you can access their Wi-Fi and use the technology to your advantage. 

These electromagnetic frequencies could be the source of your sleep disorder, especially if you are working from your room. Studies suggest that the frequencies emitted by these devices can cause chronic sleep disorders and makes it harder for some people to be asleep long enough. 

6. Caffeine 

While working, most of us love to sip coffee for ideas or even during breaks with the team members. However, more than an adequate amount of caffeine consumption can cause sleep deprivation. You may think that the coffee you are sipping is for your office hours, but it can cost you hours of sleep time in the long run. You'll be tossing and turning in bed but won't find the sleep you deserve for so much hard work. Not only that, this can give rise to other sleep disorders you can read about here

7. Work-Life Balance

Another important criterion that could cause your sleep disorder is not balancing your professional and personal life. Being a workaholic does not mean you spend all of your time in front of your computer and keep working. Because when you decide to stop after such long stretches, you won't be able to sleep. So, work, and use technology but only to a limit that does not ruin your sleep cycle. 

How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep Against Sleep Disorders?

There are many ways you can opt for a good night's sleep apart from what we have discussed above to avoid. However, one of the best ways to doze off fast is to use a comfortable mattress. According to Sleep Science, people who own more comfortable mattresses tend to wake up happier than others. 

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July 07, 2021