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Kid’s bedroom must haves- Bunk Beds

Kid’s bedroom must haves- Bunk Beds

Deciding on bedroom furniture for your kid is one of the most fun experiences you will have. At the same time, it will be challenging as you need to create a functional room with furniture that makes the room play worthy. Another challenge is that it should be planned to remain usable for a long time! 

Bunk Beds- Why you MUST have them?

The first and most essential reason is that these are colorful and appeal to kids more than regular beds. Here are some of the benefits- 


With bunk beds, you get the sleeping space for two people in the space of one bed! 

Having two separate beds might end up leaving the bedroom cramped for space. With a bunk bed in use, you can add other functional furniture too in the bedroom. 

Storage and Shelves

Bunk beds showcase the most efficient use of space. Most bunk beds these days include storage space such as drawers and shelves. There are mini cabinets that can be used to store some of the toys and other essentials of your kid. One significant benefit is that you can keep all the bedding in such storage space, so the bed remains clean all day long! 

A private space for the kids

  • With a bunk bed, your kid gets a private space. Even if others share the room, the bunk bed gives a feeling of private space. It encourages the kid to develop the habit of sleeping independently! 
  • While we listed down the pros of having a bunk bed, it does come with some precautions, which every parent must know. They are as follows- 
  • Make sure that the support frame is made of plywood so that it's durable, strong, and safe for the kids to use.
  • Avoid keeping the bed near Fan or light. It might lead to injury for your kid. Also, place it away from the air conditioner, or else the kid will feel cold while sleeping.
  • Install guardrails on the top bunk, so the kid doesn't fall off while sleeping. It is better not to let a kid below six years sleep on the top bunk.
  • Choose comfortable steps instead of ladders, as a sleepy kid can easily tumble on that ladder. Install lights near the steps so that if the kid goes to the washroom at night, everything is visible to them.
  • Make strict bedroom rules for the kids so that they do not jump or play on the bunk bed or ladder. It might cause accidents and injuries when they get too playful on such bunk beds. 

Additionally, the parents might find it challenging to make the bed. The upper bunk is hard to access, and one needs to step on the ladder or a stool to make the bed. This can be daunting work for parents initially.  

However, kids love bunk beds, and the cons surely outweigh the pros of such furniture. You can shop for various bunk beds from Mancini's Sleepworld. 

Here are some of our top recommendations for you- 

Homelegance Galen Bunkbed

Homelegance Galen Bunkbed

The best way to maximize space in your bedroom is with twin bunk beds from this Galen collection. The storage stairstep twin bunk bed in white color is the perfect choice to make your kid's bedroom more appealing and functional. The pine veneers and wood make it sturdy and eliminate any accidents! You can shop from Mancini's Sleepworld for bunk beds and other sleep essentials with stunning bedding and mattress deals. 

Pacific Mfg Ginger Bunkbed Complete

Pacific Mfg Ginger Bunkbed Complete

The pacific Ginger Bunkbed offers kids' bedrooms the highest quality, comfort, and style. The sturdy build of the bunk bed with solid hardwood makes it a safe choice for your kids. The fully panelled sides also allow you the freedom to add drawers whenever needed without exposing the bed's hardware. This comes in a chocolate color and can be shopped from Mancini's Sleepworld online or offline!    

Homelegance Rowe Bunkbed Twin

Homelegance Rowe Bunkbed Twin

The stylish Rowe collection is the perfect solution to maximize your kid's bedroom space. The twin over twin bunk bed in dark cherry makes it delightful for any youth bedroom. Also, it has reversible storage, which can store your kid's essentials, toys, or even bedding! It saves a lot of space in the entire room and other closets too! After all, a clutter and mess-free bedroom is the ultimate goal when planning a kid's bedroom. 

Shopping for your kid's bedroom at Mancini's Sleepworld will be an unforgettable experience. The widest variety and exciting mattress deals make Mancini's Sleepworld the best place for sleep shopping. Other than this, you can also check out the various furniture available for your kid's bedroom and shop as you require!

March 29, 2023