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How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?

How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?

We spend one-third of our time in bed, and it is a requirement to keep ourselves energized during the remaining two-thirds of the time. A pillow plays a very crucial role during your sleeping time. Usually, people sleep with one pillow under their head. However, you can also choose the number of pillows depending on your sleeping position. 

A single pillow is for those who sleep straight and on their back. The pillow is to keep the airway open and align your neck and spine. People who use two pillows usually sleep on their stomachs. Two pillows support them for lifting their neck. You can choose the number of pillows depending on your sleeping position, firmness, sleeping time, and other involved factors. 

How to Choose the Right Pillow?

Getting a pillow depends on a lot of factors which include the look of the bed. For example, a queen-sized bed will look full when there are rectangular pillows, two square pillows, and two accent pillows on it. Otherwise, the bed may look empty and aesthetically ugly. 

However, the most important when deciding to pick a pillow is the comfort it needs to provide you. It would be best to choose a pillow that will keep your neck and spine aligned with your sleeping position and body type. There are memory foam pillows for back sleepers as they provide consistent support under the head and neck. If you like to keep your neck neutral, then you can choose an adjustable pillow. You can remove or add the filling inside to find the thickness that supports you.  

Some mattress stores like Mancini's Sleepworld let you try the pillow by resting on them and even provide warranties so you can exchange them later. Researchers suggest that it is crucial to try out a pillow before buying. Everyone should test a pillow and any sleeping equipment, including bed frames, mattresses, and box frames. Also, you should own cushions for more than your neck and head. 

Why Should You Own More Than One Pillow?

One or two are pillows are for your head so you can provide support to your neck. A study suggests that you should own at least 6 to 10 pillows for a fantastic sleeping experience. However, most Americans sleep with only two pillows. You may think that you only need one pillow, but that's wrong. So, why do you need more pillows if you are not going to use them for your head?

  • Old Pillows

After a point in time, your pillows will start to get thinner or lumpy. Pillows like memory foam will also begin to become flat over time, even if they claim to last long. In such times, instead of buying a new pillow set, most people use an old pillow. You can keep one pillow above another and create extra height which you like. 

  • Pillow Material

People who sleep on their side require a firm pillow to support their neck and shoulder, both. If you are a side sleeper and use soft pillows, you will need to use multiple pillows for support. Your head needs to be comfortable while sleeping, so side sleepers will need extra padding. The reason behind people developing back, neck, and shoulder pain include the use of the wrong type of pillow. 

  • Body Support

As discussed above, you can increase the support for your body while sleeping using multiple pillows. People who sleep on their stomachs using a pillow behind their back can help them not develop lower back pain. For side sleepers, a small pillow is advised to keep their neck and shoulder aligned. This alignment will also keep their spine in line, causing no spinal pain. 

Most people experience chronic joint pains as they get older. One of the causes for those pains is not using suitable pillows earlier. You can also reduce such chronic pain for your future by sleeping in an ergonomic position, using the right pillows, and sleeping in comforting positions.

Sleeping Positions vs. Number of Pillows

Everyone has a unique sleeping position but falls under one of the major three categories known as side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers. The number of pillows you can have on your bed depends on you and your bed's size. However, the number of pillows you use while sleeping depends on the comfort you need and sleeping position, majorly. 

Below is a list of the right pillow for each sleeping position,

  1. Side sleepers 

Side sleepers should use at least two pillows but not both of them are for your head. The best way to align your body is to use one pillow under your head and one between your knees. For side sleepers, the upper leg can pull the spine, causing hip and lower back pain. So, use a pillow that's firm between your knees to keep both legs apart. For your head, you can use a medium-firm but not a soft pillow. This combination will keep your neck and spine in the correct alignment. 

  1. Front Sleepers

It is one of the worst positions to sleep in. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomachs if you can. However, if this is the only position you can fall asleep, use a medium-soft pillow and put it under your pelvis area. The pillow will keep your spine straight and not cause back pain. You should also not use a pillow if you sleep on your stomachs, but if you do, then use a soft one. 

  1. Back Sleepers

This is the best sleeping position to sleep in for your spine. You are treating your spine right, and any kind of pillow is okay for you. The ideal pillow, however, for this position is a soft pillow under your head and knees. These two pillows will keep your spine in its natural curvature. 

Start with a Mattress to Pick the Right Pillow

Picking the right pillow is essential but finding the perfect mattress comes first. The comfort your pillow will provide is directly proportional to the mattress you lie on. You should choose a mattress store that gives you enough trial time and help you to find a comfortable sleeping experience. You can visit the best mattress store in Northern California, like Mancini's Sleepworld, where our sleep experts will assist you. You can also order your sleeping equipment only, and we'll deliver for free. 

July 07, 2021