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What is the Process of Buying a Good Bed?

What is the Process of Buying a Good Bed?

Unlike the old days, you enter a mattress store today and find a different mattress in every direction. You can easily find mattresses and beds at stores such as Mancini’s Sleepworld. They have 34 stores in Northern California, along with delivery and online options. However, the competition between mattress stores is becoming so intense that businesses are coming up with many new strategies every month. 

There was a time when mattresses were costly, but today you can find a comfortable mattress under $500. Also, mattresses today don’t need box springs either. You can adjust a mattress well on the top of a slatted frame. 

How to Find the Best Mattress?

The best way for testing a mattress is a queen-size mattress, as they’re the most common mattress among US households. There are various myths among mattress buyers which you shouldn’t care about, like:

  • More coils are better

The usual testing mattresses have between 600 and 1,000 coils. However, it’s not about the number of coils present in a mattress, but the material they’re made of. For example, if the coils are made of thinner gauge, they won’t hold against thick gauge material mattresses. 

Thus, it’s crucial to check the number of the coil and gauge thickness. You may hear about different coil materials such as Bonnell, continuous wire, and pocket coils. The fundamental point to note here is that none of these materials are superior to others. It’s all about the thickness used in the making of the coil. 

  • Gel mattresses provide a cooler sleep

It’s a common belief that gel-infused mattresses are cooler in bed. However, that’s not always the case. According to a survey by Consumer Reports, it was found that out of all the gel-infused mattresses who claimed cooler sleep, only 10% could practically back their promise. 

The test shows innerspring mattresses to keep their promise of cooler sleep. However, most other types of mattresses that were not innerspring failed in the trial. So, if you’re looking to sleep cool at night, it’s best to shop innerspring mattresses rather than any other kind. 

  • Innerspring and Hybrid innerspring are not identical

Lately, most innerspring mattresses are Hybrid. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the traditional innerspring mattresses. Along with hybrid innerspring, there are other innerspring mattresses like foam and adjustable. Make sure to know the distinction between them. It’s not about which is better when compared with each other, but which one would better fulfill your needs. 

Materials to Check When Buying a Good Bed

A bed is crucial but not for all mattresses. Most modern mattresses don’t need bed frames. So, make sure you understand about the mattress you’re buying before investing an extra grand for a bed frame. Also, there are different sizes like a queen size mattress, king size mattress, best queen size mattress, and many others. However, that shouldn’t be your first concern. 

The first thing is to find the type of material your body would get quality sleep. Below are the primary mattress materials you find in mattress stores. 

  • Foam mattress

Most manufacturers use polyurethane to make the foam, while some also use latex. Some foam mattresses also include memory foam. So, when you lie, the surface sticks to your body and bounces back to its shape when you get up. 

  • Innerspring mattress

The traditional innerspring spring mattresses contain steel coils in different compositions. There are various innerspring mattresses with special layers of foam and cushioning. 

  • Adjustable air mattress

These mattresses have an electric pump attached to inflate them as per your desire. Typically, the inflation includes extra foam layers on the top. These mattresses let you inflate half mattresses, making them an optimal choice for couples. 

Tips to Find the Best Mattress While Shopping

Many factors are involved when you decide to buy a mattress, like lifespan, material, firmness, budget, etc. Thus, mattress shopping can be a big task. However, it’s important to remember- don’t compare various mattresses in relation to each other. If you want to compare, then compare as per your comfort. The mattress which provides you the most comfort is the one to take home. Below are some mattress shopping tips. 

  • Lie on the mattress

During mattress shopping, you surely touch a mattress but don’t just stop there. If you like the feel of it on your palm, lie down to check how your body feels on it. To make it a better and easy mattress shopping experience, wear loose clothes and shoes so you can quickly slip off. Getting to know the comfort of the mattress is the key since you’ll be spending a lot of bucks on it. 

Spending some minutes trying out different sleeping positions, especially the one you sleep in. The research found out that the opinion on a mattress is formed when trying it for the first time. Rarely do people change their views when it comes to mattresses. Thus, if you don’t feel comfortable enough in the first trial, move on to something else. 

  • Inquire about return policies

Unlike Mancini’s Sleepworld, many mattress stores don’t give try-out options. Thus, make sure to check the return policies along with the delivery option. Get the information about refund or credit in case you choose to return the mattress. The period during which you can return a mattress is often known as comfort guarantees. This period can range from a few weeks to a year. During the trial period, make sure not to damage the mattresses as that might cost you extra with guarantee violation. 

  • Warranty understanding

The warranty on a mattress can range from five years to twenty-five years, depending on the mattress brand and the store you visit. However, most warranties only cover manufacturing defects like sagging and broken coil wires. The coverage is also prorated, which means its value decreases as years pass by.

Where to Buy Mattresses in California?

The best mattress store in California is Mancini’s Sleepworld, with 34 stores all over the East Bay area and new stores opening consistently. Also, with new technology like SleepMatch, they’ll be an unstoppable force to provide an amazing sleeping experience to the customers. 

SleepMatch calculates your preferences and provides results after evaluating thousands of parameters. It color-codes the options so you can choose the perfect companion for your good night’s sleep. SleepMatch is all science and no human thinking. Thus, it can be more trusted with more accessible and faster solutions. Just find out the nearest SleepMatch Mancini’s Sleepworld store and visit!

October 07, 2021