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What are the Different Sizes of Beds for Sleeping?

What are the Different Sizes of Beds for Sleeping?

When choosing a bed, there are many factors such as color, shape, sleeping position, firmness, etc. When buying a mattress, the correct mattress dimensions and bed size are also crucial. You have to make sure it's not too big for your room and not too small either. Below are various mattress sizes in inches and centimeters. 

Mattress Sizes

Dimensions in Inches

Dimensions in Centimeters

Crib 27.25” x 51”69.2 x 129.5 cm

Small Single 30” x 75”134.5 x 195.5 cm

Twin 38” x 75”96.5 x 188 cm

Twin XL 38” x 80”96.5 x 203.5 cm

Full 54” x 75”134.5 x 190.5 cm

Full XL54” x 80”137 x 203.5 cm

Queen 60” x 80”152 x 203.5 cm

Olympic Queen 66” x 80”167 x 203.5 cm

Eastern King 76” x 80”193 x 203.5 cm

California King 72” x 84”183 x 213.5 cm

When you go out mattress shopping, you start to think about the texture and feel of the mattress. However, when we select the mattress we want to take home, it's time for the size selection. Choosing the right size that fits your preference and the room's aesthetic can be a daunting task. Also, choosing among different bed sizes is not just because of the aesthetics but is also crucial for a good night's sleep. 

Along with the size of your room, the budget you have in mind is another crucial factor when looking for different bed sizes. Below are different types of mattresses and their appropriate room sizes so you can choose easily. However, for most American homes, a survey by Sleep Science has found out Queen Size beds to be most suitable. 

  • Crib Size Beds

The size of the Crib Size bed is 27.25 inches by 51 inches. The crib mattress size is only 6 feet by 4 feet and only fits in a crib. The federal government regulates every standard crib mattress size for safety reasons. Thus, it is effortless to get sheets made exclusively for crib size mattresses. However, the sheets you choose must be of standard size, so they fit the mattress perfectly. A Crib Size mattress should not exceed the thickness of 6 inches. 

  • Queen Size Beds

The dimension for a Queen Size bed is 60 inches by 80 inches. To accommodate this type of mattress, you need a minimum of 10 by 10 feet room size. Couples that don't need too much space to themselves in bed can opt for a Queen. Single people who prefer extra space can also go for this mattress size. 

This bed is preferred mainly by couples and can be placed in the master bedroom or the guest room. A queen bed is the most common mattress, which is of standard size. It takes less space, fits in almost every room, and looks good too. Also, it can accommodate two people making it a trendy choice among Americans. 

The specialty of a Queen size is that it also comes in a split queen option. This style splits the bed into two halves so both partners can have their bed and sleep in their preferred style. So, you share the bed with your partner and sleep in a mattress different from theirs yet with them. 

  • Full-Size Beds

The dimensions for this type of bed are 54 inches by 75 inches. To accommodate a full-size bed, you need a minimum of 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 6 inches size room. This mattress is used compatible only with single sleepers and bachelors. If couples want to sleep comfortably, this bed is not for them. However, for individuals, it provides utmost comfort. Full-size beds fit the room just right and do not make it look crowded. The size of a Full-size bed is also suitable for a spare bed for guests. 

  • Full XL Beds

The dimensions of a Full XL bed are 54 inches by 80 inches. You need a room that is at least 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 6 inches so the bed fits well and there is enough extra space to move around. A Full XL has an extra length of 5 inches compared to a standard Full. This extra space is suitable for people who are taller than average if they are sleeping alone. It is also a good choice for a guest room in the form of a spare bed. 

  • Twin Size Beds

The dimensions of a Twin Size bed are 38 inches by 75 inches. If you have a minimum room of 7 feet by 10 feet size, it makes sense to buy a Twin Size bed. This is one of the most commonly available beds globally and is also the smallest in standard sizes. A twin-size mattress is apt for teenagers and children in their growing stage. The significant thing to know is that a Twin Size bed is not for adults in any case. These beds are the ideal choice for bunk beds as they fit well in small rooms. 

  • Twin XL Size Beds

The dimensions of a Twin XL size bed are 38 inches by 80 inches. The minimum recommended size is 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 6 inches. This bed is a better choice for taller individuals since it is 5 inches longer than standard Twin Size beds. These beds are cost less than a Full or Queen bed and are also a good option for accommodating guests on short notice. 

  • California King Size Beds

California King Size beds have 72 inches by 84 inches dimensions. To fit this bed in a room, the size of the room needs to be 12 feet by 12 feet. In mattress standard sizes, California King is one of the most extended beds available. This bed size is 4 inches longer than a King but also 4 inches narrow. Thus, you gain 4 inches in length but lose the same amount in width. 

It is most suitable for tall people. It can accommodate two sleepers with utmost comfort and another sleeper too, sometimes. This makes it a perfect 3-people sleeping bed like parents and a child. 

Where to Check for Different Mattress Sizes?

You can book an appointment with a sleep expert at Mancini's Sleepworld and look at all the available mattress sizes. You can also choose among various brands, including other factors, as per your preference. Also, with multiple offers and discounts at the mattress store, you will surely save a lot of money and walk out with a mattress of your preference.

July 30, 2021