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Innerspring mattresses – Pros & Cons

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Innerspring mattresses have been in the market for a long time, and no other mattress type can compete with them in terms of track record. Brands that sell Innerspring vouch for the strong and durable coil support systems that are tried and tested. 

Let’s look at what an Innerspring mattress has to offer. 

What is an Innerspring mattress? 

Innerspring mattresses provide that old-school, bouncy cushiony feel. These tufted mattresses have graced homes and give a feeling that you know and love.

However, today several mattresses serve different purposes. Innerspring mattresses have also become very modern and are very different from what they used to be back in the day. 

Innerspring mattresses are used worldwide because of their popularity and affordability. 

What’s inside an Innerspring mattress?

The mattress features two primary layers, coils (which may vary in type, size, and number) and a comfort layer made of either foam, fiber or fabric. 

The coil system is unique to Innerspring mattresses, and this is the only support system that offers support and pressure relief. 

The type and number of coils and coil gauge can help understand how the mattress performs. 

Coil Types: 

There are several coil systems in an Innerspring mattress. Below are a few popular ones: 

Open Coil Style: An open coil system is usually found in traditional Innerspring mattresses. These mattresses have interconnected coils typically shaped like an hourglass covered by a thin foam layer on top. 

Pocketed Coil Style:  Pocketed coil systems are coil springs individually wrapped in fabric bags and stitched together into groups. These are found in luxury innerspring mattresses. These coils are more responsive. The most significant advantage is that they are versatile and suitable with adjustable bed bases. 

Bonnell Coil Style: Bonnell coil system means that the coils are interconnected via thin, helical wires. All coils move as a single unit, so if someone is looking for motion isolation, innerspring mattresses might not be the right option for you.

Bonnell coils offer excellent support but can tend to sag over time. 

Offset Coil Style: Offset coils system resemble Bonnell coil style, only more comfortable and responsive. These coils aren’t as noisy and do not transfer that much movement. 

Individually Wrapped Coil Style: Coils that are wrapped are best for motion absorption, and this style supports the body in different sleeping positions. Individually wrapped coil systems are usually found in hybrid mattresses. 

What is Coil count?

Coil count is the number of coils present in an Innerspring mattress that determines the longevity and firmness of a mattress. 

Generally, the more coils, the more supportive and durable the mattress is. Talk to a Sleep Specialist about the ideal number of coils.

What is a Coil gauge? 

Coil gauge is how thick or thin the coils are. 

The lower the gauge number, the thicker the coils. Therefore, coils with high gauge numbers are softer and bouncier than lower gauge number, which are firmer and more supportive. 

A lot of brands use a combination of low and high gauge springs so that a mattress offers different levels of support across the mattress. 


  • Innerspring mattresses are very affordable
  • Very popular and readily available 
  • Cheaper to manufacture because of fewer materials used 
  • Excellent for hot sleepers as the coil structure within offers ample airflow 
  • Have a bounce feel that many sleepers are used to
  • Increased lumbar
  • Great edge support 


  • Heavier than other mattress types and can be challenging to move around from room to room 
  • Minimal or no motion isolation properties 

ProsConsSlightly longer lifespan as the metal coils are very durable.Difficult to move around because of the weightAffordableNo motion isolationVery popular and easily availableSpring coils are prone to breaking after long wear and tear and if pets or children regularly jump on the mattress.Great for hot sleepersGreat lumbar supportGreat edge supportRange of firmness levels


What is the average lifespan of an Innerspring mattress? 

Most good quality Innerspring mattresses last up to 7 -10 years. 

With regular care, maintenance, and rotation, you can easily prolong the life of your Innerspring by a few more years. 

Who should buy an Innerspring mattress? 

Innerspring mattresses are great for combination sleepers because of the bounce. The mattress, unlike memory foam, doesn’t hug the body giving the feeling of sleeping “on” it rather than “in” it. 

Innerspring mattresses are also great for hot sleepers. The coil structure and materials allow the air to flow, creating a comfortable sleep. 

Sleepers who like a firm support system like stomach and back sleepers will find it in an Innerspring mattress.  

Who shouldn’t buy an Innerspring mattress? 

Sleepers who like body conforming or body-cradling feel will not appreciate the firm feel of an Innerspring mattress.  

Couples who do not like to get disturbed during the night and prioritize motion isolation as their preference while buying a new mattress may want to skip Innerspring mattresses. The coil structure transfers motion from one side of the bed to the other, causing disturbance to partners. 

Pressure relief offered by an Innerspring mattress is minimal. Side sleepers often like pressure and support for their hip and back muscles. 

Should you buy an Innerspring mattress if you suffer from back pain? 

Innerspring mattresses are suitable for back pain. They provide ample support and do not allow the body to sink in much, offering proper spine alignment. 

Where can you buy the best Innerspring mattress? 

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September 23, 2022