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How to Store a Mattress at Home?

How to Store a Mattress at Home?

There are a lot of reasons for storing a mattress. It could be from converting the room into something else to the kids going off to college. When you want to change the space into something else, at some or other point, you’ll have to think of mattress storage. Also, mattresses are expensive and require your attention for preservation and longevity.

There are a lot of methods to store a mattress. However, a mattress stored in your garage will not remain the same when you pull it out in the future. So, be cautious of not just how you store a mattress but also where to store it. Not keeping a mattress in a safe place can cause it to be filled with bacteria or dented areas. Also, various mattresses need different attention while trying to store them.

Mattress Storage for Different Types

Every mattress requires a different kind of mattress storage because of the difference in its built. You can’t store a memory foam mattress and innerspring mattress in the same for various reasons. Below is a list of precautions for storing mattresses of different kinds.

  • How to store a memory foam mattress?

It’s crucial for every mattress and not just memory foam to keep the top flat and clear of all other items. This factor is more vital for memory foam as they have an extra-soft exterior. You can’t store a memory foam mattress sideways either as they can’t hold the weight. If they are kept sideways, it’ll create a permanent hunched shape on the mattress.

Another notion of keeping in mind while storing a memory foam mattress is cleaning. How you clean and store a memory foam mattress before and after storing plays a vital role. You need to stay clear of upholstery cleaner for this kind of mattress. The porous material of memory foam mattresses allows the cleaner to seep in, making it harder to dry. You can avoid this issue with the use of baking soda for cleaning.

  • How to store a spring mattress?

A spring mattress can be considered more flexible and easy to handle compared to another mattress. However, the mattress has its own set of challenges when it comes to storing it. For example, bending a spring mattress while loading it into a vehicle may damage the internal structure and foundation.

Also, the lifespan of spring mattresses is shorter than other mattresses. Thus, making it even more prominent to store nothing else on the top of a spring mattress. To avoid this, leave some extra space around the spring mattress in the storage unit. The extra space will keep the spring mattress alive for longer and not let it get dirty.

  • How to store a hybrid mattress?

Like many other kinds of mattresses, including memory foam, hybrid mattresses also contain foam materials. Thus, precautions for hybrid mattresses are similar to the ones followed for memory foam mattresses. So, avoid the cleaning strategy of upholstery cleaning and storing it on its side.

A latex mattress also consists of coils inside it. So, while a latex mattress is in the storage unit, make sure to rotate every few months. The simple act of rotation will improve its lifespan and not raise spots from the applied pressure. The best way to avoid the spots is to place them flat on the ground and not sideways.

  • How to store a latex mattress?

Latex mattresses are heavier than other mattresses, because of which the instructions to store them are also different. Like most other mattresses, storing a latex mattress on its side can cause significant problems, perhaps more than other mattresses.

When stored on its side, the top of the mattress will start getting pulled towards the lower side of the bed due to weight. This movement from the top to the lower side can cause the mattress to collapse towards one side. This transformation will also deteriorate the foam of the mattresses.

  • How to store a mattress topper?

There are many similar factors involved in storing a mattress and mattress topper. However, there are minor differences too which require attention. You can start cleaning a mattress topper like a regular mattress using baking soda. After the mattress topper is dry and sanitized, you can roll it to save space in the storage unit. Unlike a mattress, the interior of a topper is not damaged by rolling it.

However, the exterior of a mattress topper needs to be safe. You can use a storage bag or plastic to cover the topper and place it in a storage unit. The climatic condition for storing mattress toppers is similar to mattresses- climate-controlled weather to avoid moisture.


Steps for Storing a Mattress

Now that you know about storing different kinds of mattresses, let’s talk about the steps for storing a mattress. There are not many steps but only essential and fundamental, which everyone would, however, follow.

1. Clean your mattress

The ideal way to clean a mattress, as mentioned above, is to use baking soda.

2. Protective wrap

After cleaning the mattress, let it breathe for a while so the air can get out, and then cover the mattress using a protective wrap.

3. Place the mattress in a moving truck

If you’re shifting, make sure to move the mattress in a closed transporting truck to avoid any internal damage.

4. Store the mattress rightly

Don’t just dump your mattress in the truck. The mattress should lie flat, and there should be nothing on it to avoid any damage.

5. Controlled storage unit

A lot of people don’t think of putting their mattresses in a climate-controlled storage unit. However, it’s a very crucial part of storing a mattress and shouldn’t be ignored.

If you’re not sure how to store a mattress, take care of it well, or need more advice, take assistance from a sleep expert at a mattress store near you. For example, Mancini’s Sleepworld has over 30 stores around California, and they’re constantly opening new stores in various cities.

So, just visit the mattress store near you and give preferences to the sleep expert. They will show you the best mattress options considering all your inputs along with fantastic offers and discounts.

October 10, 2021