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How Do Adjustable Beds Work?

How Do Adjustable Beds Work?

Everyone wants to sleep on a bed that can provide perfect comfort and the utmost quality of sleep. It may seem like a dream to achieve that level of perfection, but there's a way to sleep well every night. No, we will not ask you to spend thousands of dollars on custom and expensive mattresses. We are talking about a more straightforward way that works better and in your budget: Adjustable Beds!

Adjustable beds permit you to change the position of the frame from top to bottom. Thus, you can sleep in whatever position suits your body for comfort. It elevates not only your head and legs but also the nighttime experience. Adjustable beds have many other benefits, many for those who find it challenging to find the perfect sleeping position at night. 

The idea of bringing adjustable beds in the market came when a market survey indicated a lack of sleep. Researchers found that American citizens are falling short of the required seven to nine hours of sleep. Thus, adjustable beds became available for consumers. Mattress stores and organizations saw it as an excellent opportunity to bring hospital beds in the bedroom. Hospital beds are adjustable bed frames that help heal quickly, simulating sleep. 

So, how do adjustable beds work? You already know about the comfort adjust beds can provide, but what are its mechanics? There are two main sections included in an adjustable bed: sleeping surface and bed base. 

  1. The bed base is a structure that holds the whole bed frame together.
  2. The sleeping surface is connected to the bed structure through electronic joints.
  3. The wireless remote that comes with it helps the sleeper to shift the bed in various angles for better comfort. 

These three parts help elevate your upper body, lower body, or both as per your sleeping needs.

Adjustable Beds Uses

Adjustable beds provide utmost comfort while sleeping, but they are great for lounging too. It doesn't matter either you want to sleep or get cozy; adjustable beds will do both and make it seamless. As you can change its positions, it's a great companion for all kinds of nighttime activities.

Some of the most common adjustable beds uses are:

  • Deep and restorative sleep

Maximizing comfort is a need for every sleeper, and adjustable beds can help with that. There are zero-gravity position beds, where your upper and lower bodies are elevated above the stomach automatically. Such sleeping position provides maximum recuperation, relaxes tender areas, improves breathing and blood circulation at night. 

  • Getting cozy in bed

People love to stay in bed and watch TV with their loved ones. It may be a bad habit to stay up late at night, but we all do it, and there's no denying it. It doesn't matter if you have a minor injury or want to have a stay-in date night. Adjustable beds can increase comfort. All you need to do is elevate the top half of your adjustable bed and get comfortable. 

Adjustable Bed Benefits

An adjustable bed can benefit everyone. Yes, you read that right! No one won't benefit from adjustable beds. Surveys have found that more than 65% of Americans struggle to sleep at night, at least once a week. More than 25% of US citizens also report that they find it difficult to sleep every single night. There may be many reasons behind the sleepless night. However, one of the best ways to regulate sleep is by optimizing comfort. 

Below are factors on how adjustable beds can benefit in that area.

  • Flexibility for sleeping partners

It's a beautiful feeling to spend time with a loved one. When you live together, you share everything, and that includes the bed. Also, there are many psychological benefits of sleeping with a partner, like reduced stress, a sense of security, and a stronger bond. 

However, all benefits can only be availed when you actually sleep. Many couples find it hard to sleep with each other in the bed. Everybody is different and so are their sleeping patterns. A regular bed may not be able to provide the required comfort. On the other hand, adjustable beds can provide the comfort both partners need. While sleeping, both partners can adjust the bed as per their needs and sleep well with their preferences. 

  • Help against snoring

When sleeping with a partner, there are two kinds of people. There's one who snores and the other one who stays up because of that. This is where adjustable beds come to your rescue. There is an anti-snore position option in adjustable beds. The setting is designed to reduce snoring by elevating the head and chest of the sleeper. This elevation helps to relieve pressure on the airways, in turn helping with snoring reduction. 

  • Finding the perfect position

It's not easy to achieve a good night's sleep, and we get that. Sleeping well at night is more challenging with chronic sleep deprivation problems like insomnia or sleep apnea. However, those picky sleepers will benefit from adjustable beds to find a comfortable sleeping position. 

There must be nights when you keep moving the pillow to find a comfortable position for resting your neck. The position of your neck is very crucial while sleeping for healthy circulation and preventing congestion. Soft pillow shifts or deflates when you sleep, causing neck sprains and waking you up from sleep. Adjustable beds and their elevation, on the other hand, will hold the position and give you the needed rest. You move the adjustable bed as per the need and sleep well. 

How to Move an Adjustable Bed Frame?

Changing the position of an adjustable bed frame is very easy and does not require rocket science knowledge. Many adjustable beds even have a remote, so you don't have to get up from the bed to move switches. However, you can talk to a sleep expert at mattress stores like Mancini's Sleepworld, who will help you understand everything about adjustable beds. You can even contact them after the purchase for help. 

September 29, 2021