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Everything you need to know about Bed Frames

Everything you need to know about Bed Frames

Sleep is essential, and you need a good quality sleeping system to offer you that great sleep every night. A tranquil bedroom setting with a quality bed setup will enhance your sleep experience.

What are bed frames?

Bed frames are the central support system for your mattress and form an essential part of the complete bed setup. Bed frames are foundations that support your mattress.

So, choose the right bed frame. If you have just begun your search, here’s all you need to know about bed frames.

Types & Styles

Many types and materials of bed frames are available like metal, solid wood, upholstered, platform, adjustable, plastic, etc. You need to ask yourself if the material is sturdy and long-lasting.

Both metal and solid wood are good options for durability, providing the quality is high. To check the quality, check the hardware and joint systems incorporated. Wood frames typically cost higher than metal ones.

A weak or flimsy material may not hold up the weight and can be creaky over time.

Various styles like platform, sleigh, panel, canopy, four-poster, and adjustable bed frames are available, with canopy and four-poster seen as the most luxurious options.

Headboards: Many people like to add a headboard for aesthetics and comfort; if you want to add a headboard, choose a bed frame that is headboard compatible.

Storage: Some bed frames are easy to fold and store away. If you are someone who shifts homes often or need a temporary bed frame, this might be a good option.

Wheels: Some bed frames come with wheels that allow easy movement around the room. Choose this option if you are someone who likes to redesign your bedroom.

Non-creaky: Consider a heavy-duty bed frame if you share your bed with a partner. These bed frames are creak and squeak-resistant.


Depending on the style and look, many accessories available in the market.

For smaller bedrooms, under-bed storage drawers are available for extra storage.

Choose from a variety of headboards to amp up your bedroom style

Things to consider before buying a bed frame

Fortunately, bed frames also come in adjustable sizes. If you are upgrading or downsizing, an adjustable bed frame will be the best bet. It is wise to note that an adjustable bed frame will cost you more than the regular one.

Mattress size: If you are buying a bed frame for your existing mattress, check and then double-check your mattress size before purchasing a bed frame. Bed frames come in all standard mattress sizes. Take an important note to differentiate between a California King from a King mattress; the longer, narrower California King mattress won't fit into a King-sized frame.

Most bed frames come in standard sizes – twin, extra-long twin, full, queen, king, and California king.

Make: The construction and the make of the bed frame are important to consider. Ask questions like how to assemble the bed frame? Will it require any special tools or professional help?

Steady: You should look for a bed frame that won’t creak or rock when pushed or pulled. It needs to be a strong and stable one.

Supportive: A bed frame should support the whole mattress from top to bottom, including the center. Your mattress may be subject to sagging or sinking over time without adequate support.

Headboard: Bed frames come in various styles; you need to decide if you want one with headboard support. A headboard can offer extra support to the back and neck while sitting in bed, and it also elevates the look and feel of your bedroom. Today, there are also detachable ones on the market.

Room dimensions: Consider the size of your room before you pick the best bed frame. It is recommended to leave about 2 to 3 feet around your bed, ensuring smooth movement.

Considering a headboard might take up a few inches beyond the frame. A bulky bed frame can overpower the room; conversely, a sleek bed frame will give you enough space for movement.

Height: The height of your bed frame is another aspect to consider. Depending on your lifestyle and need, choose the bed height. A platform bed frame is a good option if you like the height to be close to the ground or low.

Some bed frames are also customizable and can be made-to-order according to the desired height.

Budget: When you have a budget in mind, it automatically narrows down your search for a bed frame. Ensure you don’t spend a huge chunk on the mattress and ignore the bed frame. Keep a reasonable budget aside for a quality bed frame.

Keep in mind..

As tempting as it might be to choose your bed frame based on appearance, don't forget to consider the above factors because they can be impactful. The right and well-built bed frame can offer stability and adequate support and even prevent your mattress from sagging.

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June 13, 2022