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7 reasons to invest in a mattress protector

7 reasons to invest in a mattress protector

Everyone gets why a mattress is a significant investment; what people don’t get is why a mattress protector is as essential. To keep your mattress in great shape and increase its lifespan, one must invest in a mattress protector. 

What is a mattress protector? 

Mattress protectors are coverings that protect the mattress from stains, wear and tear, spillage, allergens, pet fur, and other damages. A mattress protector offers protection, longevity, and durability. 

Find out the reasons to invest in a mattress protector: 

1. Spot-free mattress  

A mattress is a serious investment for long-term use; it makes sense to protect your investment for as long as possible. Even though many mattresses come with warranties, they are voided if there is any spillage or stain on the mattress. If you like to snack on your bed, you wouldn’t want to spill. If you are a hot sleeper, you wouldn’t want your mattress to absorb your sweat. 

Keep your mattress spot-free with the help of a mattress protector. It’s the easiest way to protect your investment. 

2. Health & Hygiene

Everyone loves sleeping on a clean mattress. Keep your mattress clean and hygienic, away from bacteria by protecting it with a mattress protector. 

Most people keep their bedding clean but often ignore the hygiene of their mattresses. 

An unclean mattress can be home to bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, dead cells, pet hair, and decaying food particles. This also could be placing your health at risk. 

A clean bed can directly influence your sleep quality, which is integral for achieving a healthy lifestyle. 

3. Warranties

Mattresses are sold with long warranties and can be replaced at no cost. However, if you are still on trial period, you need to keep your mattress away from any damage or visible stains. Your warranty will be void if you spill something on your mattress. Now, you wouldn’t want a mattress that you don’t like but are stuck with it due to some tiny spill or stain. 

4. Allergy-free  

If you are prone to allergies like asthma or dermatitis, an unclean mattress may only aggravate it. An unclean mattress will expose you to unwanted allergies from small bacterial infestations. Bugs tend to plague in corners and fine crevices of the mattresses, which will ultimately be eliminated using a sound mattress protector.

Slipover a mattress protector and keep those allergies at bay. Your mattress must be a place that is safe for you and not a breeding ground for infections.

5. Easy clean

Mattress cleaning can get be labor-intensive. Unfortunately, you cannot pop your mattress into the washing machine, but you can chuck that protector in for a quick spin. 

Vacuum cleaning your mattress is recommended, but the frequency can be dropped drastically with the mattress protector. 

6. Lifespan

The lifespan of your mattress depends on maintenance. Ensure your mattress is clean every day to increase its durability so you can be stress-free of an early replacement. Mattress protectors offer great comfort along with great sleep. The only way to increase the lifespan of your mattress is by using a good mattress protector. 

7. Affordable 

There is no denying by anybody that a mattress is an expensive buy, and cleaning a mattress is labor and time-intensive. The easiest way to save money and your mattress is by buying a mattress protector. 

Paying a few extra dollars can save you a lot of time and money for years. Plus, it’s also the peace of mind you buy when an accident occurs. 

Choosing a mattress protector

The market is filled with several types of mattress protectors and these can be used all year around. Find something that fits your requirement. You can choose from zipped to fitted or encased mattress protectors. Coming to materials, you can choose from polyester to cotton to natural materials like Tencel. 

Most mattress protectors are water-resistant for apparent reasons, and there are also cooling mattress protectors for hot sleepers. Plus, they come in all sizes. 

Keep the below checklist in mind before buying: 

  • Water-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Excellent in quality
  • It fits your mattress perfectly
  • It helps in keeping dust and debris away

The bottom line

There is no reason not to buy a mattress protector. When you do buy it, you’ll save yourself and your mattress the time and stress and soon realize its value. 

Bought a new mattress recently? We say, don’t risk it. Go that extra mile, buy that mattress protector, it’s worth the investment. You can even purchase one at your nearest Mancini’s Sleepworld. If you are an online shopper, check out our widest range online.

December 16, 2022