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What are Various Bunk Bed Mattress Sizes?

What are Various Bunk Bed Mattress Sizes?

Bunk beds are one of the most excellent choices when it comes to the bedroom of a child. Bunk beds come in various sizes and can be helpful for many kinds of people. One of the most used and standard mattresses for a bunk bed is twin size. However, there are bunk beds that fit up to king-size mattresses also.

Knowing the sizes options of beds in rooms except for your bedroom is crucial for many reasons. For example, having extra space for guests to sleep will put you in their good grades and keep your bedroom free from the crowd at night. That’s why it’s vital to find a mattress that takes optimal space yet provides enough comfort. 

What Size is a Bunk Bed Mattress?

Usually, people go for twin mattresses when it comes to bunk beds. The size of a bunk bed mattress twin is 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. However, there are many other bunk bed mattress options to choose from. Below are some standard bunk bed sizes and types:

Bunk bed twin mattresses

You already know the size of a twin mattress which is 38 x 75 inches. Most bunk beds can fit twin mattresses well. Some bunk beds contain unique frames like short beds, loft, or triple. However, a twin mattress fits with those kinds of bunk beds too. 

A twin-size mattress is one of the best options for teens, toddlers, children, and adults with less height. A tin mattress is not comfortable enough for more than one person. However, bunk beds feature two beds, so it shouldn’t be a problem unless you want to cuddle in silence. 

  • Bunk bed twin XL mattresses

Twin XL mattresses are more prominent and prolonged than standard twin mattresses, making them 80 inches long and 38 inches wide. Twin XL mattresses are very common among dorm rooms and teens because of their sleep support for kids over 6 feet in height. Also, they’re a great companion for children when they’re in the growing stage. You won’t have to buy a new mattress, bed frame, or bed every few years. 

  • Bunk bed full mattress (double)

These mattresses are wider ones that suit a bunk bed that is 75 inches tall and 54 inches wide. A full bunk bed mattress is not as long as a twin XL, but it is wider. The wideness provides extra space for one person to turn and tosses a lot in their sleep. 

A bunk bed full mattress is not wide enough to fit two people and provide comfortable sleep. At most, two kids can share the mattress during a sleepover, but it’ll still be hard for them to fit. Many bunk beds support two full mattresses. 

However, it is more common on the top bunk bed to see a twin or twin XL mattress as mattresses start to weigh more and expand after some time. Thus, the bottom bunk is more suitable for more extensive and heavy mattresses rather than the top bunk. 

  • Bunk bed full XL mattress (double XL)

Double XL mattresses are 80 inches tall and 54 inches wide. These mattresses are perfect for people who are tall or need extra support to move in the bed. This mattress is bigger than full mattresses of standard size, yet small for more than one person to get comfortable. 

  • Bunk bed queen mattress

These mattresses are 80 inches tall and 60 inches wide, making them suitable for couples, teens, and adults. The use of a queen mattress is mainly for the bottom bunk. You can use a twin or twin XL mattress for the top bunk. The duo works best since twin mattresses are not heavier than a queen. Also, the combination is helpful for families when sharing a room during vacations. 

  • Bunk bed king mattress

A king mattress for the bunk bed is the largest in sizes among all kinds. They measure 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. Like a queen, full, and full XL, king mattresses should also be kept on the bottom bunk due to their length and weight. 

Bunk beds with king mattresses are not very common among US households. However, they are popular among teens and couples who don’t want to share their room with a third person. There are vacation homes that keep king mattress bunk beds. But apart from that, you won’t find king mattress bunk beds. 

What are the Types of Bunk Beds?

It’s a common belief that there are not many types of bunk beds. Also, most people think bunk beds are just a frame with the placement of one on another. However, that’s not the case. There are many varieties in bunk beds, depending on the mattresses and other factors to choose from. Below are some uncommonly known bunk beds available in the market.

  • Standard bunk bed

A standard bunk bed is simple, stacked one over the other with a height of around 70 inches. These are the most commonly available beds in the market and available in apartments, dorm rooms, vacation homes, children’s rooms. The standard bunk bed provides space for two twins, twin XLs. Sometimes, you can also fit a twin over more extensive or full.

  • Shorty bunk bed

These bunk beds are smaller than standard bunk beds. The size of a shorty bunk bed is around 55 inches tall. These bunk beds are the optimal choice for children, as the risk of falling and hurting is less. 

Shorty bunk beds have less height, due to which they’re not a good option for teens and adults. The height difference between the bottom and top bunk is not much, making it harder to sit upright for adults and teens. 

  • Triple bunk bed

A triple bunk bed is comparable to the other two mentioned above, but it features three bunk beds and not two. These bunk beds are common in vacation homes and rental properties to fit more people in less space. It’s crucial to have tall ceilings for these beds as they’re around 90 inches tall. The bottom mattress of a triple bunk bed can be anything, but the other two should be standard size because of weight maintenance. 

Where to Buy a Bunk Bed Mattress?

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October 25, 2021