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What are the Benefits of an Adjustable Bed?

What are the Benefits of an Adjustable Bed?

Did you know that adjustable beds were first introduced in healthcare to encourage blood flow, enhance oxygen and increase the patients' comfort in the hospital? Today, adjustable beds are found in homes for the immense health benefits and convenience they provide. Adjustable beds are becoming the preferred choice for people looking to improve their sleep.

Adjustable Beds include a multi-hinged lying source that can be adjusted to several different positions, such as raising the lower body and lifting the upper body independently of each other. The demand for adjustable beds increases in the mattress industry as consumers prefer health and comfort.

An adjustable bed enables you to customize your bed's alignment as it is designed to provide you with ergonomically sound sleep. Adjustable beds may have been perceived as beds for only the elderly or people with health issues, however adjustable beds have gained popularity and are used by people of all ages for comfort and lifestyle benefits. Adjustable beds are perfect for those who want to experience comfort while working, watching tv, or reading.

Benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed

A better night's sleep

A sound sleep is vital for our physical health and emotional well-being. An adjustable bed helps you experience a comfortable sleeping position and wake up fresh.

Improving your circulation

When you either lift your lower body or lift your upper back, it improves circulation and helps you recover from any mobility issues. This type of Bed helps relieve pressure on the sleeper's circulatory system all night long.

Relieving chronic pain 

Sleeping on a traditional bed may put unnecessary pressure on your joints. Adjustable beds are ergonomically designed to help you recline at various angles and positions based on your needs. This can ease chronic pains such as sciatica, arthritis, and other issues.


Undoubtedly, adjustable beds are designed and developed to provide comfort. You can play video games, watch TV, read a book, and work on your laptop more comfortably when compared to a conventional bed. Instead of sitting for several uncomfortable hours, an adjustable bed offers an enhanced and elevated seating position which will prevent any back or neck pain.


Adjustable beds help working professionals who work from home use their laptops for much longer hours. Busy working professionals can raise their legs to prevent any leg swelling.

Health Benefits of an adjustable bed base

Helps with Insomnia 

An adjustable bed can help relieve insomnia, making a considerable difference to people who struggle to sleep. These beds provide flexibility, making it easier to find a more comfortable position to sleep in.

Reduces Back Pain 

Back pain is a common condition in modern times. Adjustable beds aide people who suffer from chronic back pain and anybody recovering from major back surgeries. Patients suffering from back pain feel more comfortable in an inclined position than using a flatbed.

Assists in Mobility

Adjustable halves make it easier for a sleeper to get in and out of the Bed without adding pressure on joints.

Improves Digestion 

Sleeping flat may hinder the body's ability to digest food more effectively. As the adjustable Bed helps lift the upper part of the body, it facilitates overall digestion. 

Lessen Heartburn & Acid Reflux 

While sleeping sometimes, stomach acids may move to the esophagus leading to uncomfortable symptoms such as heartburn and acid reflux. Lifting the head to 6-8 inches may help keep the acid in the stomach and contribute to better sleep.

Alleviate Snoring, Asthma, and Sleep apnea 

Sleeping on a flat mattress leads to snoring, as the neck puts much weight on the windpipe that causes it to close and makes noise. The adjustable Bed helps lift the head, while gravity enables the importance to be taken off, reducing snoring, asthma, and sleep apnea problems.

Customized Support 

An ideal adjustable bed enables you to experience a sound sleep, as it provides customized support to different areas of your body. Adjustable beds are designed and developed to improve circulation, pressure relief, and healthy posture.

Fall Asleep Faster 

Adjustable Beds often provide the zero-gravity position, raising the head slightly and elevating the legs, reducing strain on the lower back and legs. This allows you to wake up fresh every morning

Better Breathing 

Adjustable beds enable you to sleep at an incline that will help to keep your nasal airway much clear. Elevation of your body helps to reduce breathing discomfort and improve your overall sleep.

Nervous System Problems 

For those with problems related to the nervous system, such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis, adjustable beds may reduce the symptoms. Sleeping in a zero-gravity position helps to relieve pressure off the nerves.

If you want to improve your overall sleeping experience and comfort, switch your bed to an adjustable one and see the difference. Visit your nearest Mancini’s Sleepworld store to get yours today.

January 20, 2022