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Understanding the difference between a King and Queen-sized mattress

Understanding the difference between a King and Queen-sized mattress

There are many things we must keep in mind before buying a mattress, size is just one of them. Today, let’s discuss the difference between a King and Queen mattress size.

All things King

King-size mattress is 16 inches wider than a queen mattress. This extra space makes for a very spacious bed especially appreciated by people who prefer more room while they sleep.

A standard king-size mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long and popularly known as the Eastern King-sized mattress. These mattresses are equivalent to two twin XL beds positioned next to each other.

Who is it for? 

If you do fit in any of the following categories, you might want to consider a king-size mattress:

Couples looking for extra sleeping space

  • If you have a large bedroom
  • If you share your bed with a pet or a child
  • We want you to take a look at the pros and cons to understand better: 

We want you to take a look at the pros and cons to understand better:           

All things Queen 

Queen-size mattress is the most popular selling mattress in the USA, and because of its popularity, it is easiest to find a wide array in this category.

A standard queen-size mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, and this size is the most sold among couples. Its popularity is that it takes up less space and it is compact. Also, not everybody has a large-sized bedroom to accommodate a bigger bed.

Who is it for? 

If you think you fit into any of the following categories, you might want to consider a queen size mattress:

  • If you sleep alone or with a partner
  • If you have limited bedroom space
  • If you have bedding accessories according to a queen-size, for example, bed-frame, bedsheets, mattress protectors, mattress toppers, etc.
  • If you sleep alone but have a medical condition, having that extra space is good

You can never go wrong with a queen-size mattress, and there are plenty of choices and accessories available in this size. 


The standard King and Queen are popular choices among couples in the USA. What can influence your decision is the:

Size of your existing bed frame 

If you already own a bed frame, it is ideal to buy a mattress according to that frame. If you choose otherwise, you will have to consider that added cost.

If you are sharing your bed with a partner

Are you sharing a bed with your partner? It is key to consider the number of people sharing a bed. If sleepers toss and turn around at night, you may need that extra sleeping space. 

Bedroom size 

If you have a large bedroom, a king-size will fit in perfectly. If there is limited space, you need to consider floorspace for other furniture like dressers and wardrobes.


This sounds obvious! It is wise to keep your budget in mind before taking that plunge. Naturally, a king-size mattress and accessories will cost you more than queen-size

Materials and accessories 

Finding bedding accessories and materials is incredibly easy for king and queen-sized mattresses. Both sizes come in memory foam, innerspring, hybrids, latex, and the list goes on.

You might also want to note that queen-size mattresses are the most popular choice among mattress buyers in the USA; however, the King Mattress is not far behind. 

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The difference between a king-sized mattress and a queen-size mattress naturally depends on the need. For a person looking for sleep space, the difference may seem huge, and for a person willing to go standard size, it might not make much of a difference.

The queen-size mattress is a brilliant choice if you are a single sleeper. On the other hand, if two adults are sleeping on the same bed, the king-sized beds shine in terms of space. However, if you are on a budget, a queen-sized mattress may be the best option for you.

Both king or queen are great options as mattresses depending on your need and priority. Both sizes come with pros and cons, so consider everything before making the best choice for your home!

Still unsure?

You can try the best brands before you buy at your nearest Mancini’s Sleepworld store. In addition, our sleep consultants will help you pick the right mattress for your body type using our SleepMatch technology.

April 16, 2022