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These tips will help your partner to get a good night's sleep

These tips will help your partner to get a good night's sleep

The COVID-19 pandemic has not been helpful in any way, and the world has now become an uncertain place. Each day seems like more work and very little joy. However, one crucial aspect of keeping ourselves positive in these testing times is to get a good night’s sleep. Being able to doze off quickly is not an easy task for everyone, as many people toss and turn in bed due to various sleep disorders. Many may not know why that is happening to them. If your partner can’t sleep, it may not disturb your sleep, but it can wear them down and affect your relationship. 

Lack of sleep can affect you in many ways. Your sleep partner may not realize it, but sleep disorders can cause anxiety, depression, and stress. It also decreases cognitive functions, causes memory dysfunction, and affects their well-being. Not sleeping for long enough can also increase chance of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and various medical affliction, including hypertension.

Experts from Sleep Science have also concluded that sleep disorders can affect your immune system making you more susceptible to cold and other similar illnesses. Your immune system is affected by sleep disturbance as it is a natural booster for your body. Long hours of quality sleep can help you focus better, manage stress, and maintain a happy mood. 

According to American Sleep Association, people with comfortable mattresses sleep better than others after a general survey. The difference is about one extra hour of quality sleep per night. Medical conditions that are caused by sleep disorders can also be a strain on your relationship. According to another survey, lack of sleep increases marital issues like arguments and can lead to divorce.

However, there are multiple ways to help your partner sleep and stay asleep for a more extended period. The first step is to consider their feelings and not demotivate them, as lack of sleep can make them over-sensitive. 

Solutions to Tackle Sleep Apnea for a Partner

There are many ways to support your partner when they go through sleep disorders or have problems during sleep. Here are some issues you can help your partner with and give them the gift of quality sleep.

1. Sleep-Friendly Dinners

It is prevalent in adults not to care about their eating habits. The last meal of the day could be the cause of you not being able to sleep. For example, consumption of caffeine should strictly be prohibited before bedtime or during dinner. 

It is advised to encourage your partners to avoid spicy food, carbonated beverages, fried or greasy meals, onions, garlic, citrus fruits, or juices. A lot of alcohol-induced drinks can also keep your partner awake at night and you with them. Caffeine, of course, can keep you awake. Try not have any caffeine at least six hours before bedtime and give at least a 3 hour window for alcohol.

2. Mattresses

Another key to keep your partner asleep in bed for a longer time is to own a fantastic mattress like King Koil smart mattresses, which automatically adjust to your body needs throughout the night. A more comfortable mattress can give your partner the quality sleep they deserve after a long working day. Also, mattress shopping is a good bonding time for couples, say experts. 

You can visit a store like Mancini’s Sleepworld, take help from their in-store sleep experts and find the perfect mattress for you. They have all kinds of mattresses, from a gel mattress to an adjustable mattress. You can also find other popular mattresses at affordable prices, like a memory foam mattress and hybrid mattress. 

Apart from mattresses, you can also find a smart bed and smart bed base for more quality sleep time with free delivery and warranty options. 

With a Smart Bed each partner can choose your preferred comfort, softness, and firmness on both sides of the bed, some automatically adjust to changes in your sleep position. So, you and your partner can sleep on a completely different setting yet on the same mattress with utmost comfort. You can even pre-warm each side of the bed. Isn’t that amazing? You can know more and book an appointment to see them here

3. Buffer Zone

Many sleep experts suggest couples create a buffer zone together. It’s like a healthy habit in which you both support each other and stay motivated. This activity ensures that you start winding down and ready your body and mind for sleep. 

The buffer zone is the time to relax your body by saying “good night” to things that can keep you awake, like mobiles and other electronic gadgets, and “hello” to sleep-inducing routines. You can start by reading a book, listening to music, take a bath or shower. These activities will help you to sleep faster and provide quality sleep.

Creating a routine together can also make your connection strong, along with making you both ready for a restful night. You have to make sure they stay clear of things that could stir up emotions like anxiety, depression, or anxiousness.

Couple sleeping Types

There are many different positions you can try to help your partner sleep in peace. Resting together in the same bed also brings couples together as it shows commitment and togetherness. As per your comfort, you can try among the following best sleeping positions for couples.

1. Spooning

It is a classic sleeping position that most couples prefer. Spooning is very intimate, too, as one person is behind the other. 

2. Sweetheart Cradle

One of the sweetest and cutest sleeping positions is the sweetheart cradle position. In this position, one person is sleeping by keeping their head on another person. 

3. No Contact

No Contact is a sleeping pattern where both partners give each other space and sleep on their sides of the bed. It is very common and relaxing after a long day at work to sleep peacefully.

You can also visit any Mancini’s Sleepworld store near you today to find the best sleeping position and mattress for you and your partner. They are now available in 34 locations with in-store sleep experts available at your service.

July 07, 2021