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Mattress Buying Guide as Per Preferences

Mattress Buying Guide as Per Preferences

There are multiple reasons why a mattress quality guide is crucial. For example, the springs of your mattress may creak when you change sides or make you uncomfortable by poking while trying to find a suitable sleeping position. There could be a lot of reasons behind a mattress causing sleep disruptions. The highest-rated reason is the lifespan. If it's been years or almost a decade, you need to change it. 

When you don't change your mattresses after all these signs, you'll wake up tired and spend the day being drowsy. You'll start to feel pain in the back, joints, neck, irritation, fatigue, and other low-quality sleep effects. When the quality of your mattress is not good, you'll surely experience the above effect. And when you feel such developments, it's time to look into the mattress purchase guide.

We agree that researching and finding an ideal mattress could be a daunting process, but it's vital. So, don't think of buying a second-hand mattress on Craigslist or accepting one from a friend. It may be a quick solution, and you may have a mattress to sleep on, but it may not be what your body prefers. So, look for what your preferences before rushing with money to buy a mattress.

Our Preference-Wise Mattress Buying Guide

You may have already thought of some brands and mattresses that fit your budget. However, we repeat it; don't rush to the store with your money or search engine just yet. List down your preferences and understand with our sleep guide.

  • Sleeping Position

The sleeping position you prefer is a significant factor while buying a mattress. You have to select a mattress that supports your sleeping position. If you regularly sleep on a mattress that doesn't support your position, it could lead to various kinds of pains. 

For example, side sleepers need support on the hips and shoulders while sleeping. Thus, side sleepers need a softer mattress to cushion the body and for pressure relief. Most side sleepers prefer to look into the memory foam buying guide as it supports critical points. 

On the other hand, people who keep changing their sleeping position prefer a medium-firm mattress. Such sleepers are known as combination sleepers and prefer a mattress that provides comfort in every position. Back sleepers should prefer sleeping on a firm mattress to keep their spine aligned. Back sleepers should avoid a soft mattress as it can sink their sink and cause harm. 

  •  Body Type

Every body type is different, and that can affect the quality of sleep depending on the mattress. Everyone has a different body structure and shape that affects the spine when you go to sleep. Thus, picking the right mattress is crucial, depending on body type preferences. 

The less you weigh, the firmer the mattress needs to be. For example, someone who weighs less than 130 pounds should opt medium-firm mattresses. People who weigh more than 230 pounds prefer to sleep on softer mattresses to get enough support. Heavier people should look for thick mattresses like 12 inches for support and comfort.

The size of your mattress is crucial, so check on that too. For example, full mattresses are not much longer than twins. Thus, people over 6 feet will find it difficult to sleep on anything other than a queen mattress or larger. The reason is most people don't sleep well with their feet hanging off the bed. 

  • Pain

Do you, sometimes, wake up with neck or back pain almost every morning? If yes, then your mattress has lost its ability to support and comfort you. Your mattress cannot provide the support your spine needs while sleeping, causing you such chronic pains. Continuing to sleep on such mattresses will only increase the intensity of pain. So, change your mattress right away.

Sleep Science suggests sleeping on a firm mattress for people who suffer from chronic back pain. They also advise if you don't prefer a firm mattress, a medium-firm mattress could also help. Both types of mattresses improve sleep quality and reduce pain. If you feel chronic pain in crucial pressure points like hips, shoulders, and muscles, a foam mattress with medium firmness helps the best. 

  • Pricing

There are many different mattresses available in the market, but which mattress is best for you price-wise? When you go out to buy a mattress, test out different mattresses and compare their comfort, pricing, and other characteristics. However, the price of a mattress depends on various factors like:

  1. The material of a mattress can influence the price big-time. You'll have to pay high for good quality materials and lower accordingly. Different materials used in the manufacturing of mattresses include natural and organic fibers. 
  2. The location of manufacturing also makes a lot of difference as many countries outsource production at less cost. However, make sure you get mattresses that meet United States standards.
  3. The cost of well-known brands is higher than other upcoming or mid-range brands. So, make sure to buy the right brand even if it costs more than others, keeping the product's quality in mind.
  4. Mattress type is another factor affecting pricing. There are three main types of mattresses known as innerspring, hybrid, and foam. Traditional innerspring may be a little hard to find, but not good mattress stores like Mancini's Sleepworld. Also, this type of mattress is not very expensive but reliable. Foam mattresses cost less than a hybrid, but latex foam is costly. 

The pricing of a mattress also depends on its size. For example, you can get a queen mattress for under $1200. However, a reasonable price doesn't always mean quality. An excellent guess to take for a queen mattress could start from $600 also. The luxury mattress price may go up to $1500 also. This phenomenon of mattress pricing is similar for most types. 

Which mattress Store Gives Best Firmness Guide?

There are many mattress stores, but if you're in the Bay Area, CA, the best place to visit is Mancini's Sleepworld. Their sleep consultants are beneficial and understand your needs. Also, with their latest SleepMatch technology, it is easier than ever to find the ideal mattress. 

SleepMatch takes data from sleepers, runs them against thousands of parameters, and provides an ideal mattresses list. You can test those mattresses at the store and take home the one you find perfect. How to experience SleepMatch? Call now and book an appointment at the nearest Mancini's Sleepworld, as SleepMatch is available only at select mattress stores

November 15, 2021