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How to Stop Mattress from Sliding?

How to Stop Mattress from Sliding?

Apart from sleep deprivation due to external factors, other traits like sliding off the mattress can cause a bad night’s sleep. There’s no doubt sleeping on a wobbling, or moving mattress is hard. However, it’s not difficult to stop your bed from sliding. Some handful solutions can help you against that sliding mattress. 

Reasons Behind Sliding of a Mattress?

First things first- finding the root cause for your mattress sliding, because only then can you look for solutions to stop the mattress from sliding. There are numerous reasons behind the sliding of a mattress, including the built of your bed frame, condition of the mattress/bed frame, and age of the mattress. 

The often movement of a mattress could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Not enough friction

One of the main reasons behind the sliding of a mattress is not getting enough grips. It also depends on the manufacturer and built type of the mattress. For example, memory foam and latex have relatively more minor traction than other kinds of mattresses. Thus, it is crucial to get a mattress with enough grip and not move around by itself unless an external force is applied. 

  • No railing

Bed frames without railings look great and give an exquisite feel to the room overall. However, they may roam outside their space like horses without fences. When you move in your sleep with more than apt pressure, the mattress may move along with the bed frame.

  • Age of the mattress

It may not be pleasant to think, but our bodies release sweat, oil, and dead skin while we sleep. These secretions may build up over a period and make the surface of the mattress slide. Many signs can tell you it’s time to change the mattress.

  • Size of the mattress

As said above, it’s vital for a mattress and the bed frame to be of similar size. For example, a mattress more petite than the bed frame is bound to move towards the edges. On the other hand, when you use a bed frame that doesn’t fit the mattress or vice versa, sliding is bound to happen.

  • Support

The uneven surface of a bed frame or the bottom of the mattress can decrease their support. This decrease in support can result in uncomfortable and sleepless nights for you. Also, the creaking of the bed is not supportive either. If your bed moves or makes such noises, it’s time to get a new mattress. 

How to Keep Mattress from Sliding?

Have you been able to figure the problem behind our mattress sliding yet? It could mostly be one of the reasons we have mentioned above. Even if the reason for your mattress slide is not listed above, there’s nothing that our quick fixes guide can’t help. Below are some easy solutions to stop the movement of your sliding mattress. 

  • Rug pad slippers

Floor rugs keep bunching up under your feet unless a rug pad is used for support. The same floor rug can also be used to stop the movement of a mattress. Rug pad slippers come in many varieties and are also not very expensive. If your mattress moves a lot and there’s enough space for a rug pad slipper, you can invest in them. They’re low-risk investments with great yielding results. 

  • Non-slip mattress pads

Non-slip mattress pads are considered one of the best alternatives to stop a mattress from slipping. They’re made specifically for beds, making them more effective for the job. These mattress pads have a longer life and cost relatively less. They come in many different standard mattress sizes like full, King, queen, and twin. A non-slip mattress pad is different from your regular mattress cover as it can boost the surface level of the cushion with its support. 

  • Velcro tape

Everyone knows how hands Velcro tape comes to stick things and keep them in one place. You can also use them to stick your mattress in one place. Don’t think of it? Well, it is the cheapest way to stop your mattress from sliding. Just attach a velcro strip at the foot and head of your mattress. You can also use it on the sides of the mattress to keep it from moving. 

  • Vacuum

Cleaning your bed and its surroundings is one of the best ways to stop the mattress from sliding. How? Because dust on the edges of your mattress creates a slicker area to slide across. However, vacuuming the surface using the upholstery tool can be a quick fix here.

  • Railing

To stop your mattress from making movements in the bed for whatever reason- add railing to the edges. Not everyone can do it, but add railing to your bed frame if your mattress is sliding and you have the space for it. You can buy bed railings easily and even create them on your own. 

  • Gap fillers

Using gap fillers is one of the quickest solutions to stop your mattress from sliding. Pick some bedsheets or small pillows that fit in the space to fill the gap and prevent your mattress from sliding anymore. You can also use something that’s soft and doesn’t harm you in sleep. 

  • Mattress extenders

A mattress extender is another type of filler for the gap between your mattress and the bed frame. It can provide the length you need for creating extra space on the bed frame. Also, it is a better temporary solution than padding or stuffing.

How to Keep Mattress from Sliding Off Frame?

If all other solutions fail, getting a new mattress is the best way to save your mattress from moving off the bed frame. Old mattresses tend to create uncomfortable situations and don’t help with chronic pains. So, if you’re around California, visit Mancini’s Sleepworld and find solutions for sliding and also check out the latest mattress collection. 

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November 25, 2021