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How to Sleep on Your Side Properly?

How to Sleep on Your Side Properly?

There are many kinds of sleepers. Some people have a habit of sleeping on the stomach, which is the worst position. Some people like to sprawl across the bed, and others curl up into a ball in sleep. However, the best position to sleep in is on the back. 

The position you choose while sleeping at night says a lot about your following morning and the day. Sleep Science researchers also believe that sleeping positions help in revealing personalities too. Among all sleeping positions and types, side sleeping is the most popular and preferred way to sleep. 

Who is a Side Sleeper?

A side sleeper is simply someone who sleeps on their side. If you also sleep on the shoulder and hip instead of back or stomach, you're also a side sleeper. According to a journal survey, more than 60% of US citizens are side sleepers. The position you choose while sleeping also says a lot about your personality. Let's see some personality traits of proper side sleeping positions.

What are Various Side Sleeping Personalities?

We spend one-third of our 24-hour day in bed sleeping, and there's no doubt about that. However, we don't consider how spending so much time in bed can also say things about our personalities. A study found out that while our body language says about our personality during the day, subconscious sleeping positions at night also speak about our personality. 

The results, if noted, are self-calculated, but most people say they are fun to explore. There are many variations, too, including different side sleeping positions. These different side sleeping positions also provide us information about our personality and behavior. 

Below is a list of various side-sleeping positions and what it says about you. 

  • The fetal position

This position is when you curl up your legs to your chest and sleep like a newborn baby. It is one of the most classic and popular side sleeping positions covering more than 30% of people among all side sleepers. The personality trait for such side sleepers is that they may be tough on the outside but are soft on the inside. 

  • The log position

People who sleep on their side with arms close to their head fall under the log category of side sleeping position. The personality trait for such people is easy-going socially and popular among crowds. 

  • The yearner position

A yearner sleeper is someone who sleeps on their side with arms stretched and open in front of their face. Their personality says they're open to new things nature-wise but can be suspicious. These sleepers also think of pros and cons before making any kinds of crucial decisions. 

  • The pillow hugger position

As the name implies, these people sleep on their sides while hugging and embracing a pillow most adorably. There's no doubt their personality indicating that they value their relationships and don't like to hurt people. Also, pillow hugger sleepers are loveable and think more from that perspective. 

  • The thinker position

This side sleeping position is similar to the fetal position but with a minor change. Thinkers sleep on their side while resting their chin on their hands like they're thinking about some big decisions. They are considered to be feelers and moody. If they're feeling good, they are delighted. On the other hand, if they're feeling bad, they can feel unfortunate. Let's say they live on the extreme side of feelings. 

What is the Truth About Side Sleepers?

When you sleep on your side, there's good news. The sleeping position may not be as good as the back position, but better than the stomach position. Also, sleeping on your side is good for the back and hip as the mattress provides the necessary support. Although the side sleeping position is good, it also puts pressure on the arms and legs. Some studies conclude that sleeping on the side may cause carpal tunnel syndrome. 

If you are a side sleeper and afraid that something like this can happen, make minor changes while sleeping. It may be hard to change sleeping position, but worth avoiding any health issues. However, simple changes such as keeping your arms down on the side or using a pillow between your legs for better support can also help. 

These small changes during side sleeping provide comfort because of the locations of organs in the body and their anatomy. It's also crucial to check which side you're sleeping on at night and only sleep on the firmer side of the body. 

For example, sleeping on the left side helps against digestion, heartburn, acid reflux, improves circulation, and removes toxins from lymph nodes. Sleeping on the right side also has some connection with acid reflux, but not others. The vital thing to note here is that it's essential to have a complimentary mattress no matter how you like to sleep on the side. 

Where to Find the Ideal Mattress for Side Sleepers?

Side sleeping position is widespread among all, and their population is also highest. However, not all mattresses are suitable for sleeping positions. If you sleep on the side every night, go for a medium-firm mattress made of memory foam. Side sleepers should use a memory foam medium-firm mattress to support the hip for spine alignment. 

Using a spring mattress that's too firm will only apply pressure on the body, and a too-soft mattress would sink the body, denying the necessary support and comfort. On the other hand, memory foam keeps up with the shape of your body and mold accordingly when you lie on it. Memory foam is a fantastic material, and NASA has been a part of its construction process to increase comfort and support in America's sleep. 

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October 25, 2021