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How to Increase Sleep Quality and Ways to Maximize it?

How to Increase Sleep Quality and Ways to Maximize it?

Do you wake up feeling you need to be in bed for a while after resting for 9 hours straight? It could be a very frustrating experience, and have the feeling consistently is the worst. The reason for such a feeling is not getting quality sleep. You may be going to bed early but are not able to get quality sleep. According to Sleep Science, more than 30% of adults don’t get quality sleep

Not getting quality sleep can affect your mental and physical health. For example, sleep deprivation can affect focus and concentration, worsen the mood, and cause irritation. Not following a regulated sleep cycle is also linked to the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 

It’s not hard to understand that you’re not able to sleep easily. However, finding out reasons as to why you’re not able to sleep could be trickier. It’s not impossible to find the reasons, and you don’t need a specialist unless sleep deprivation is causing insomnia or other such problems

Reasons Behind Poor Sleep Quality

Before getting into how to improve sleep quality, you must know the reasons behind them. It could be anything making you restless in bed and wasting quality sleep time. Some primary causes include stress, sleep hygiene, sleep disorders, and other chronic conditions like injuries. Below are more reasons and their explanations that could be leaving you sleepless at night. 

  • Poor Sleep Habits

Poor sleep habits include a lifestyle that could be disrupting your sleep schedule. For example, a few hours before bedtime, alcohol consumption or caffeine, and an irregular sleep schedule are terrible. In a random study by some nursing students, it was found that smoking and excessive caffeine consumption are primary factors causing sleepless nights leading to other sleep-related problems. Alcohol is considered a sedative and advised by some professionals, but it can also disturb sleep.

  • Anxiety and Stress

Mental health is a significant factor contributing to sleep, and stress can disrupt the sleep schedule. It could be anything from love to work or exams; stress can cause sleep disruption. Sleep deprivation and insomnia create a vicious cycle, making it very difficult to function appropriately.

  • Chronic Health Conditions

There are many chronic health problems associated with overall poor sleep and improper sleep patterns. These issues include acid reflux, asthma, lung diseases, fibromyalgia, renal disease, joint pains, and cancer. Experiencing excess stress could also be a cause of chronic health conditions. 

  • Undiagnosed Sleep Disorders

Many times, sleep disorders occur while you sleep. Due to this, it could go unnoticed until a specialist is involved. Apart from the expert’s involvement, the sleeping partner could also be the one to notice the problem initially. For example, people with PLMD experience involuntary leg jerks in their sleep. This problem could result in poor sleep quality and daytime fatigue. People with other sleep-disrupting issues like narcolepsy also experience poor sleep quality at night daytime fatigue.

  • Sleep Apnea

Someone who’s suffering from sleep apnea will experience shortness of breath while sleeping. This breath lapse can cause choking, snoring sounds, and gasping. Some people don’t wake up and keep sleeping while experiencing sleep apnea. However, their brain has to signal the body to start and continue breathing.

How to Get Good Quality Sleep?

Improving sleep quality is not as difficult you may think. It is easy, just like sleep and dental hygiene improvement. For example, regular dental flossing and brushing can help teeth to get stronger and better. Sleep hygiene is all about following a regular sleep schedule consistently. 

Below are some quick yet extraordinary ways to improve your sleep schedule and get quality sleep.

  • Do not use a smartphone or watch television at least one hour before bedtime. Electronic devices emit blue light, which is harmful to the eyes and stops the production of the sleep-inducing hormone. The brain thinks of blue light as sun rays because of their resemblance in nature. 
  • Turn your sleeping space into a cool, quiet, and dark oasis to promote sleep. Go caveman tricking the brain into thinking it’s time to sleep. To relax your senses even more, use a white noise machine and black curtains. 
  • Keep your sleeping schedule consistent. Try sleeping at the same time and wake up at the same time. In a week, your brain will automatically signal the body and stick to the schedule you have already set.
  • Give the required time your body needs to sleep. For example, adults need around 9 hours every day for proper physical and mental functioning. So, don’t just sleep for six hours every day as it could drain your strength and cause daytime fatigue in the long run. 
  • Practice a bedtime routine and stick to it. The practice could include anything like a warm bubble bath, listening to an audiobook, or journaling. Pick one or two activities and perform them every day. The brain will pick them up as a prelude to sleep and start melatonin production to promote sleep. 
  • Keep your caffeine and alcohol consumption under control a few hours before your sleeping time. These substances stay in your system for long and cause sleep disruption. Thus, avoid drinking alcohol at least three hours before bedtime.
  • Absorbing sunlight in the morning for 15-20 minutes can help you wake up and help the brain to regulate the circadian rhythm.
  • Consult a doctor if home remedies aren’t helping you or your partner to sleep better at night. Also, if you have significant issues like sleep apnea or insomnia, it is always better to visit an expert before trying anything by yourself. 

Quick Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

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November 23, 2021