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How to Arrange Your Bedroom for A Better Sleep?

How to Arrange Your Bedroom for A Better Sleep?

Are you shortchanging your sleep quality?

Entrepreneurs and lifestyle hack gurus who don't respect a full night's sleep are glorified too often on social media. Yet, sleep is a vital part of a person's overall health and well-being. When you don't get enough sleep, your body is unprepared for the day ahead and the cells in your body aren't able to repair damages from the day before.

Some people struggle with falling asleep while others just can’t seem to stay asleep all night. There are many reasons why people struggle to achieve sleep nirvana, but luckily, it’s not out of your hands. You can find ways to arrange your bedroom for the best night’s sleep possible.

Try aromatherapy and soothing music

If you’re having trouble relaxing and quieting your mind, then you can pick up an essential oil diffuser and place it near your bed, and put on some soothing playlist. Essential oils like lavender, sage, and chamomile promote relaxation and can help you drift off to sleep. 

Slow music like jazz, sea sounds, classical music will reduce your stress and make you drowsy. Place the diffuser anywhere in your bedroom for better sleep.

Use a quality mattress

Perhaps the most important thing you can control about your sleep etiquette is the mattress that you’re lying on. A lumpy, stale mattress can wreck your ability to stay asleep during the night. A perfect mattress is as necessary for you as is your sleep itself

Are you tossing and turning, but don’t know why? Then, maybe you should rotate your mattress. If that doesn’t work, then try to contact sleep experts from Mancini’s Sleepworld, who will guide you to your perfect mattress which will suit your body.

Adjust your window coverings

Pay close attention to your curtains and blinds. Are there gaps in the panels where light can come in and disturb your sleep? If so, then you might want to change the window coverings in your bedroom for better sleep. Avoid vertical blinds altogether and choose a heavy fabric curtain instead.

What’s on your nightstand?

Sometimes, the nightstand becomes a catch-all for clutter in your bedroom. If your nightstand has receipts, cosmetics, smartphones, and other electronic devices, then that might negatively affect your sleep routine. The disorder of these physical objects can preoccupy your mind and keep you from falling asleep. So, why not rearrange your nightstand with organizers or move it away from your bed?

Having a bedroom that is full of unnecessary stuff can have a bearing on your mental peace and sleep. Declutter your nightstand and bedroom frequently to maintain a neat and tidy environment for your sleep.

Use different lighting

Most people go from full, bright light to pitch-black darkness when it’s time to go to sleep. There are ways to rearrange your bedroom so that the quality of light isn’t so drastic. You can try using a dimmer so that before bedtime you can lower the lights. You can also consider moving around some lamps so that there is a softer glow near your bedside.

Being exposed to the light from a phone or laptop immediately before going to bed can also perturb your natural sleep. Make it a habit to not use your digital devices immediately before sleeping. 

The takeaway

Your bedroom is an intimate space for comfort, relaxation, and sleep. However, nothing is set in stone. You can rearrange items; there’s no rule against that. Create your own cozy cocoon that serves your unique sleep needs. Do you need help choosing the right mattress? 

You’ll get your best night’s sleep on a mattress from Mancini’s Sleepworld. We have a wide selection of top-quality mattresses to choose from that cater to your individual sleeping needs. Whether you get a better night’s sleep on a softer or firmer mattress, or maybe somewhere in the middle, we have what you’re looking for! 

July 07, 2021