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Does a Bed Need Box Spring? Your Guide on How to Get Perfect Sleep!

Does a Bed Need Box Spring? Your Guide on How to Get Perfect Sleep!

If you are eminent on upgrading your sleeping experience, then a box spring is one thing you definitely need. You can also include other accessories such as pillows, mattress toppers, and others, but a box spring is the first thing to look for. All of us have seen a box spring, yet most of us are not able to explain. There are many different kinds of box springs with advancements in technology; you can even find electric box springs. 

What is a Box Spring?

To clear all the past misunderstanding about box springs, it is a bed base with springs. Yes, that's it. However, there is more to it if you are looking for an in-depth answer. You can say it is an upholstered box manufactured using wood or metal with legs at the bottom for support. The inside of a box spring is filled with stiff springs. With heating at high temperatures during the production process, these springs do not deform quickly and provide a longer lifespan. 

What we see today in mattress stores or on websites is not just a box spring but more like a box spring combination. This combination includes a bed base, mattress, topper, and footboard too. Since all of these bed materials are together, you sleep more comfortably and also more elevated than your regular beds. It lifts your mattress and provides more comfort to your body. 

Although, some box spring manufacturers do not put springs in their box while others still do. It absorbs the weight of your body and helps the mattresses to last longer too. If you are used to sleeping on a firm mattress, it will also feel softer than it is due to the springs present in the foundation. 

What is the Purpose of a Box Spring?

A box spring sits right under your mattress and can provide a lot of support to your mattress. It is one of the primary purposes of a box spring. Other purposes include:

  • Increases the height of the mattress.
  • Decreases absorbing impact and protects the mattress.
  • Improves the airflow keeping the mattress cooler. 
  • Decreases chances of mattress wear and tear. 
  • Increases the lifespan of the mattress by absorbing shocks. 

Who Needs a Box Spring?

There are many factors to consider on whether you should use a box spring or not. However, you have to think of an alternative- what are you going to use underneath your bed if not a box spring? Here are some options you can use:

  • You can build your own mattress foundation.
  • You can suspend the mattress in the air.
  • You can get an adjustable base
  • You can keep your bed on the floor.

So, who needs a box spring?

  • People who are using traditional metal rail bed frames.
  • People with old innerspring mattresses need box springs due to the mattress manufacturing process.
  • People who own mattresses that are designed following box springs. 
  • People who want to increase the height of their bed.

Those who should not use a box spring include,

  • People who own the latest hybrid, memory foam, or latex mattresses.
  • People prefer other kinds of platform beds like wood foundations or other functionalities.
  • People who prefer to keep their mattress directly on the floor. 

However, the key thing to remember, even if you use a box spring or not, is to choose the right mattress. There are many mattress box springs available in the market today you can choose among. This will not only provide you with extensive options but also compatible mattresses and box springs. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Box Spring?

There are a few benefits of using a box spring such as,

  • Extra height

A box spring provides a free-standing platform for your bed without the need to purchase any other kind of bed frame. It doesn't matter what height you choose; lifting your mattress above the ground is always beneficial as it creates easier access. Raising the height of your bed decreases the chances of potential injury. The elevation also provides you more stable and horizontal space so you can keep your spine straight when you lie on it. 

  • Extra support

A mattress is used every day, and its quality degrades over time. A box spring will absorb these shocks and improve the lifespan of your mattress. With so much extra support, the mattress's middle layer will also not sag so much. 

  • Extra ventilation

When you keep a mattress on the floor, there is not enough ventilation space for it. However, on a box spring, there is enough air circulation which can keep your mattress mildew-free and fresh too. Thus, you can increase the breathability of your mattress and also its durability. Extra ventilation will also keep the dust mites and other harmful allergies away from you. 

What are the Components of a Box Spring Bed?

There are many components included in a box spring bed. However, not all manufacturers sell with all the elements. Some box spring producers only create box springs, while others have some components. Many designers include all the following components. 

  • Boxspring

The most prominent component of the set has to be first- a box spring. It is nothing but an upholstered bed that elevates the height. The elevated height can be different and also adjustable in some box springs.

  • Mattress

Above the box spring, you place a mattress. If the manufacturer is creating the whole set by them, then the color and materials of the springs and mattress will be the same. Otherwise, you can also choose a box spring and mattress of your choice from different brands.

  • Mattress topper

A mattress topper is what comes above the mattress for extra softness. If you favor sleeping on a firmer top, you can do that with a mattress topper as they come in different varieties. 

  • Headboard

A headboard is just for aesthetic beauty. Box spring beds with a beautiful headboard can glam up your whole bedroom. They come in different colors, shapes, and designs, depending on the settings you choose.

  • Footboard

Unlike a headboard, you will not see every box spring set with a footboard. A footboard ensures that your mattress stays in its place. You can also use supporters or opponents instead of footboards. 

Where to Buy a Mattress and Box Spring Set?

According to Sleep Science, the best place to buy a mattress and box spring is where you can find sleep experts as they know better. Apart from knowledge, you can also get amazing discounts and offers which you can't say if you are on your own. For example, at Mancini's Sleepworld, you can get mattresses and box springs at unbelievable prices with free delivery and many other benefits. 

July 07, 2021