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Causes and Symptoms of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress!

Causes and Symptoms of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress!

Do you wake up with sore muscles or joint pains for no reason? You don't feel you're your usual self in the morning and just unhappy in general? Do you think it's hard just to get out of bed and maybe falling under depression? There could be several sources as to why you feel like this. However, the crucial aspect to look around first is your mattress. You may think it's not essential, and the problem is you. That's not the case, though. 

It's not just you who's going through such a hard time and finding it difficult to sleep and wake up. In a survey by Sleep Science, most Americans who go through sleep deprivation said that changing their mattress and sleeping better changed their lives. Also, you may think that mattresses can last for decades because you don't feel any lumps. However, that's not true because mattresses have a lifespan, and they need to be replaced. 

A mattress can have a drastic impact on your life mentally and physically. If you care about yourself and your loved ones, keep checking on their sleep and the mattress. Using the same mattress for decades isn't doing any favor to your body. Thus, make sure you're changing the mattress at the right time, and there are ways to know that. 

Bad Mattress Symptoms

First of all, the age of the mattress is what everything depends on. Let's say you take good care of your mattress, making it last for around ten years. Now, no mattress how much you care for it, the lifespan has already outdone itself. Also, the longevity of a mattress depends on various factors like material, brand, cost, and others. 

For example, your mattress is not a trampoline, so don't let people keep jumping on it. Jumping and playing in the bed is fun, but it harms the build of your mattress. Also, rotate your mattress after a while of using them. It's a tiny thing to rotate a mattress, but it goes along a long way. More oversized mattresses don't need turning as much as they need stiff support in the center. This support helps them not to dip and hold their ground to provide you comfort for long. 

As mattresses age, they become prone to hygiene issues. The risk of your mattress causing you some diseases keeps increasing with its age. For example, we sweat a lot in our sleep, and that goes straight into our mattress. This sweat turns into mold leading to spores. You'll clean your mattress, but no matter how much you clean, you can't 100% clean a mattress. Thus, it's crucial to replace the mattress after their lifespan expires and elongate. 

They bring different and a little more severe issues, especially for people who have asthma. People who have asthma may experience allergens in their bed while sleeping, causing them to turn and toss in bed and lead to skin conditions like eczema. Our bodies shred dead skin that can also turn into dust mites and stay on the mattress. 

Other issues Caused by a Bad Mattress

Not being able to sleep well is one of the worst feelings ever. It affects your mood, feelings, and many other skills. If you're suffering from some physical injury, sleepless nights can elongate the healing process too. However, you can tackle all of these by sleeping on a mattress that supports your body type. Below are some problems caused by sleeping on a bad mattress.

  • Memory

Different stages of sleep help us to solidify memory, and not sleeping can cause memory issues. Sleeping puts the mind at work to remember the day's events and put in different categories to reminisce on them easily later. In an experiment, two groups were created and given the same task to complete. After completing the task, one group was allowed to sleep before performing the task again. The group that slept remembered the task and performed better. 

  • Awareness

Do you find yourself not being able to stay in the moment and less aware of your surroundings? If yes, then it could simply be a bed mattress due to which something like that is happening. Not sleeping for enough time can make your brain all fuzzy, confused, and cloudy. If you have a life that requires multitasking, sleep is very crucial. Otherwise, it'd become easy to distract you. The cognitive abilities of our body depend a lot on sleeping and resting. And to sleep well at night, a good mattress can help a lot.

  • Creativity

The creative industry is booming, with brands expecting employees to develop a unique concept for every campaign. Creativity is the essence of life, and not sleeping well harms that. Problem-solving skills are crucial for creating something creative, and sleepless nights degrade that characteristic. One research found out that not sleeping can help with multiple-choice options and other such works. However, sleep deprivation has adverse effects when you have to create something from scratch. 

  • Blood Pressure

Every REM stage during sleep has a direct effect on our blood pressure in lowering and stabilizing it. Not sleeping consistently and resting the body can cause rising and potential heart diseases. Also, while sleeping, some hormones are released by the body to lower stress. Not lowering the stress levels in the body can also cause the blood pressure to rise.

  • Weight

It may sound unbelievable but not sleeping can increase your body weight. While sleeping, you burn some calories. However, it's not like sleeping can help reducing weight. It's just that sleeping well increases metabolism. When you don't sleep, metabolism levels go down, and body fats stay in the body, increasing the weight. Also, hunger levels go down when you don't sleep enough. Thus, sleepless nights can cause an increase in weight and a reduction in fiber intake. 

Can a Bad mattress Cause Body Aches?

Yes, a bad mattress can cause back, shoulder, and other body aches. An old mattress that has lost its ability to provide comfort and support will only reduce your sleep. How? You'll be tossing and turning to find a good spot, but you won't. Thus, it's vital to understand when to change your mattress. If you're unsure and have little knowledge on which mattress is best for you, visit Mancini's Sleepworld and try our SleepMatch. 

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November 29, 2021