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Bed Frames Can Affect Sleep in Any Way? Let’s Find Out!

Bed Frames Can Affect Sleep in Any Way? Let’s Find Out!

Buying a mattress is not just shopping for essentials but more like an investment. It plays a vital in our day-to-day lives by providing us the comfort we need. A mattress gives us the rest we need at night after a tiring day and making us ready for the next. Similarly, a bed frame is essential to keep the lifespan of the said mattress intact. Also, a bed frame can affect your sleep in many ways.

What is a Bed Frame?

In most simple words, a bed frame can be any mattress support. It can be made of any material, including wood, metal, and fabrics such as leather. A bed frame provides support to the mattress and its bases like a foundation or box spring. The various components in a bed frame are the footer, header, legs, and side rails. However, modern bed frames only showcase legs and side rails. These modern designs create a floating effect from the aesthetic point of view, and people love it. 

Different Types of Bed Frames

In the broad overview, there are three kinds of bed frames as follows:

  • Wooden bed frames

One of the most popular bed frames is the wooden kind. They come in various shapes and sizes, making them a popular choice. Also, wood comes in different shades and species. These variations provide the opportunity for manufacturers to create numerous bed frame styles and even customize them. Wooden bed frames include a footer, legs, headboard, and wooden slats with gaps in the middle for mattress airflow.  

  • Metal bed frames

This kind of bed frame is becoming more famous lately due their contemporary design and lifespan. Metal bed frames can accommodate more weight than wooden bed frames and are perfect for hybrid and memory foam mattresses. There are metal bed frames that can carry more than 2000 pounds without any noise and motion transfer. Americans usually prefer to use metal twin XL bed frames for their fantastic support and durability.

  • Fabric bed frames

If you love decorative bed frames and something out of the ordinary, then this is for you. Fabric bed frames come in unique shapes, sizes, and designs so you can show off your bedroom in a different light. Their manufacturing process includes soft coverings with high-quality fabrics of your choice, like leather. 

Difference Between Bed Bases and Bed Frames

You already know that bed frames are to keep the mattresses off the ground, provide extra support, and better airflow from below. However, bed frames are not the only ones that can provide such support to mattresses. There are other bed bases and frames you can turn to, like foundations, adjustable beds, and others. 

Below is a brief for different bed bases you should know:

  • Adjustable bed bases

Adjustable bed bases can allow you to adjust the position to create the perfect angle for your sleeping position. Not only that, but you can also adjust the base as you like to watch TV, reading, or any other activity. These bed bases can support modern memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. You can’t use this type of bed base for traditional innerspring mattresses as they are rigid. 

  • Platform beds

Platform beds can provide solid wooden slats so your mattress can rest better on them. Most of the platform beds stand alone on legs and do not need a bed frame. They are a great companion for almost all kinds of mattresses, including innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses.

  • Foundations

These are like box springs, but instead of using the coils and springs combination, wooden slats are used in the middle for better airflow and strong support in the center. This foundation is then wrapped using a fabric that can be placed on a bed frame for increasing height and support. 

Why are Bed Frames Necessary?

Now, you may think that instead of buying bed frames, you can go for bed bases, but it won’t be the same. You ask us why? Apart from adequate airflow and off the ground mattresses, read more benefits of bed frames as follows:

  • Support for mattress

Mattresses can become sag because of the pressure applied by bodies lying on them. So, bed frames are created to elevate the height of the mattress, provide support, and increase its durability. Also, you may think a mattress is enough to support you for a good night’s sleep, but that’s not always the case. A bed frame provides the necessary support to the mattresses and helps you have a better sleep. 

  • Storage space

A bed can take up a lot of space, especially if you have a larger mattress like a king or queen. However, when you use a queen or king bed frame, you can store items underneath as the height of the bed is now higher. You can keep things underneath which you don’t use frequently but may come in handy every other while, like suitcases, winter wear, footwear, or extra comforters.

  • Prevent mildew and dust mites

You spend at least 1/3rd of your day in the bed, and if it’s on the floor, it attracts mildew and dust mites since there is no breathing space. You can put a bed frame and provide the comfort a mattress needs and also increase its lifespan. 

Why You Need Bed Frames?

As said above, the importance of a bed frame is not just for aesthetic reasons but also to keep the mattresses safe and, in turn, you. When there are no insects, dust mites, and mildew in your mattresses, you will be able to sleep better and wake up fresh. A bed frame will also support your mattress to last longer and keep it in place while you sleep.

If you are still confused about which bed frame to buy, then visit a mattress store like Mancini’s Sleepworld near you. The sleep experts at the facility will help you with all your needs and make sure you get the perfect sleep at night for many years to come. Mancini’s Sleepworld is available in 34 locations across the states, where you can find all kinds of bed frames. You can also look through different adjustable bed frames, including Queen bed frame fantastic furniture, adjustable bed frame queen, adjustable metal bed frame, split king adjustable bed frame.

July 07, 2021