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Are you a Revenge Sleep Procrastinator?

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Do you sometimes feel like the day has not enough hours and there is no time to watch your favorite show? Well, we have all been there at some stage, especially when days are demanding and stressful; downtime unintentionally becomes a priority. 

During days like these, you might stay up a couple of hours to spend time with your family or browse through social media. But in the process, if your sleep is compromised, that might be a problem. One hour extends to a couple of hours, and before you know it, you must wake up in a few hours. This phenomenon of slacking sleep is known as sleep procrastination, and we are all guilty of it. 

The National Sleep Foundation defines it as "the decision to sacrifice sleep for leisure time that is driven by a daily schedule lacking in free time.

People who work in high-pressure jobs tend to revenge procrastinate to find a few hours of entertainment at the cost of their sleep. Many of us are guilty of sleep procrastination because it feels good in the moment; however, making it a daily habit can lead to severe sleep deprivation. 

Not getting enough sleep can significantly adversely affect physical, emotional, and mental health. Read on to understand the symptoms and causes and how one can prevent sleep procrastination.

What are the signs

This phenomenon is relatively new because of high-stress jobs that result in no time for relaxation. Plus, we are surrounded by mobile phones and social media, and we are constantly glued to them, resulting in much less time for ourselves. 

Many people sleep procrastinate because they are looking for relief from a stressful day. It may seem relaxing at the moment; however, it is not in the long run. Some may even be doing it unintentionally. 

Who does it affect the most? 

Early research suggests that students and women are most likely to sleep procrastinate. It is found that women during the pandemic have had to reduce their leisure time, hence tend to procrastinate sleep. 

Extended work hours combined with a total of 7-8 hours of sleep may leave the individual no time for relaxation. 

Causes & Impact

Sleep procrastination can lead to sleep deprivation. It is a well-known fact that without enough hours of sleep, the human body cannot function adequately. This, in turn, can lead to widespread adverse effects on health. 

Insufficient sleep can cause: 

  • Poor thinking abilities  
  • Slow memory and decision-making
  • Daytime drowsiness 
  • Reduced productivity 
  • Irritability  
  • Obesity
  • Impaired immunity 
  • Difficulty in regulating emotions 
  • In extreme cases, depression, and anxiety 

How to combat Sleep Procrastination

When you sleep procrastinate every day, your body will tell you. You can feel the effects almost immediately by feeling drowsy the next day. 

Get your sleep on track by following these easy methods, or you can even follow our guide on how to sleep faster -101 guide.

  • Learn to prioritize sleep
  • Practice 10 healthy sleep habits 
  • Have a regular sleep and wake-up time on all days
  • Get a comfortable mattress
  • Have a healthy work-life balance
  • Take downtime seriously
  • Avoid coffee or alcohol post 6 PM
  • Have a pre-bedtime routine like reading a book, meditating, or including some gentle stretches
  • Skip heavy meals for dinner 
  • Create a dark and quiet bedroom space
  • Switch off your electronic devices one hour before going to bed 

Ensure sleep comes first, not another episode on Netflix. Take downtime seriously because your mind and body need it to relax and restore. Ease into sleep by following simple techniques and making them a habit, a part of your daily night time routine. Simple relaxation techniques can drive sleep procrastination away. 

Habits can be tough to break, but one must try, especially when it comes at the cost of sabotaging your bedtime. To get excited about sleep, you should have an uber-comfortable mattress to crawl into after a long day. 

Get a mattress that provides you the right support, right comfort, and ultimately the right sleep every night. A great mattress can offer great sleep if it is a perfect fit for your body type. 

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December 22, 2022