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4 Reasons to Have a Mattress That Keeps You Cool!

4 Reasons to Have a Mattress That Keeps You Cool!

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and feel like you were working out in sleep because of all that sweat? It’s because you tend to sleep hot and aren’t using a cooling mattress. However, it’s about time to evaluate your sleep accessories. 

Nobody should accept that they sweat like Pinocchio tied to a lie detector, even if they do. There’s always something you can do to sleep better and help yourself. Yes, we’re talking about a cooling mattress. 

If you thought we’d let you sweat forever at night, you’re wrong. We have the perfect solution for you in the form of a cooling mattress made of copper. When you sleep on copper mattresses, you wake up fresh and cool like a cucumber.

What is a Cooling Mattress?

The first thing to know about a cooling mattress is that they don’t have ice packs under them. A cooling mattress doesn’t let the body heat trapped on its surface. Mattresses that trap your body heat make you feel hot and miserable. You may experience sleep disruption and wakefulness too.

Traditional mattresses retain natural body heat on the surface. However, in the case of a cooling mattress, this heat doesn’t stick on the surface. It seeps under the mattress to keep you cool. A cooling mattress is manufactured using copper-gel infused foam, making the heat stick to it. It keeps the temperature on the surface cool, so your sleep isn’t interrupted. 

When you feel hot on a cooling mattress, it carries the heat away from you and traps it within. This transfer of heat keeps your body cool, where it doesn’t bother you. Cooling mattresses come in various forms, including cool gel mattressesbest gel mattressesgel top mattressesgel hybrid mattresses, and king gel mattresses. You can choose among what fits your budget and sleeping preferences.

4 Indications to Get a Cooling Mattress

You may think that there are other reasons to consider, and you may be onto something here. Many factors contribute to making you feel hot while sleeping. However, if you have experienced the below scenario, the current mattress is the culprit. 

1. Temperature of pillows

If you’re constantly rotating your pillow in search of the cool side throughout the night, something is wrong with your pillow. Also, trying to find the cool side of your pillow means you’re sleeping hot, and the reason is not you. Sleep Science says that for most people, their heads and feet are temperature centres at night. Thus, when your face or feet becomes hot at night, the whole body feels uncomfortable. 

Even though sleeping on a cooling mattress helps, it’s advisable to get copper cooling pillows. Cooling pillows are made from natural fillers with copper-infused cover. With a copper-infused pillow, you won’t have to flip from side to side, meaning no sleep disruption because of heat.

2. Tossing and turning in sleep

Do you often wake your partner as they’re dancing in sleep, or do they often wake you up? Even if you don’t wake up your partner or are woken up by them, watching your loved one struggling to sleep is uncomfortable. It can keep you awake.

Turning and tossing during sleep is a sign that your body is overheating, causing disruption. It creates a hindrance in the process of sleeping soundly. You end up trying to fall asleep every hour or so. It is, therefore, vital that you try to get cozy before sleeping as it is more appealing, and there are ways to do that, such as:

  • No bedtime exercise- Our body loses a couple of degrees when we go to sleep. The temperature drops to put the body at rest, and muscles can relax better. However, exercising before bed will still keep you hot as working out increases body temperature. 
  • Sleep attire- Use the types of clothes that keep you cool while sleeping. For example, a t-shirt will keep you cool at night. However, the material of the t-shirt is also crucial such as choosing a moisture-wicking fabric over cotton. 
  • Mattress topper- A mattress topper helps to conform your body and provides the required comfort while sleeping. 

So, make sure that you’re not working out before going to bed, wearing the right clothes, and using a mattress topper to stay afloat on the mattress.

3.   Cranking up the AC

The easiest way most people find is turning on the AC all night to keep them cool. While it is a good option, cranking up your AC all night also increases the heat on your utility bill every month. If you can’t sleep well without firing up the AC, you definitely need to look for a cooling mattress. 

There’s no doubt AC is the best solution against heat. However, a cooling mattress comes very close in comparison. With lightweight sheets and a cooling mattress, you can minimize the use of AC at night.

4.   When partner sleeps hot

As we mentioned above, it could be you or your partner- who sleeps hot. Let’s consider it’s your partner for a minute. Do you sleep next to someone who gets hot every night? Has this temperature rise resulted in no cuddle time because you both feel hot and miserable? 

The answer is a cooling mattress. It could save your partner from sweating and allow you to cuddle or at least help along. Cooling mattresses come with various characteristics to support couples to sleep together without disturbing each other. Most cooling mattresses come with options like motion transfer control, total body conformity, and antimicrobial properties. 

How to Find the Best Cooling Mattress?

Finding the best cooling mattress that suits all your preferences can be challenging but not impossible with Mancini’s Sleepworld mattresses. We have experienced sleep consultants to help you find the perfect cooling mattress. 

Also, with SleepMatch technology, you can now find the ideal mattress to sleep better. The technology takes your inputs, runs them against thousands of parameters, and provides the solution to your sleep problems in the form of a mattress. Just contact the nearest mattress store today by Mancini’s Sleepworld, book an appointment, and get amazing offers/discounts on your purchase.

November 05, 2021