A few things never go out of style and are comfortable, too, like a good pair of jeans and an innerspring mattress. This mattress first came into existence during the late 19th century. The shock-absorbing seat cushions inspire the manufacturing of an innerspring mattress. These seat cushions were used for horse-drawn carriages back in the day. 

By 1930, innerspring mattresses became the most popular choice of bedding among people. Everybody started to love them for their comfort and still do so. However, change is inevitable, and today with so much advancement in technology, high-tech materials, and improved designs, innerspring mattresses are better than they could ever be. 

What's an Innerspring Mattress?

The metal support coils form the core of the bed in an innerspring mattress. The innerspring mattresses we know today use materials like latex and memory foam. These materials provide extra comfort, durability, and performance. However, the most defining characteristic of an innerspring mattress is its 'springiness' quality. 

Innerspring Mattress Components

There are various materials used during the making of different kinds of innerspring mattresses. However, there are some common materials used in all manufacturing processes of these mattresses. When you visit a mattress store to buy this mattress, make sure to look for these components inside. 

     1. Coils

One of the most critical manufacturing components of innerspring mattresses is coils. The best coil innerspring mattress consists of at least one of the four coil types mentioned below, 

  • Pocketed Coils

These coils are pocketed individually in the fabric, giving them the agility to move around the mattress depending on the position of the sleeper's body. This trait of pocketed coils makes them more effective than open coils. 

  • Continuous Coils

These coils have multiple rows of singular wires molded into the shape of a circle. Although they have a long lifespan, continuous coils do not provide comfort for every sleeper. 

  • Offset Coils

The shape of these coils is an hourglass. It creates a hinging effect for the sleeper as the bottom of the coil is offset.

     2. Innerspring Comfort Layers

An innerspring mattress contains a lot more than just some springs. The top of the mattress is filled with combinations of padding, foam, and more coils sometimes. These combinations are essential to give you a good night's sleep. You can even consider them hybrid mattresses. The mattress that contains memory foams and other materials along with a coil support system is called a hybrid innerspring mattress. You can view the following comfort layers in a good innerspring mattress.

  • Comfort Layer

It is the top layer of the mattress that provides pressure relief and cushioning. The comfort layer is manufactured using latex, memory foam, or some other kind of foam. 

  • Comfort Coils

Many innerspring mattress brands use coil-on-coil technology, adding extra comfort as another set of pocketed coils is placed on the steel coil base. The bottom coil support is thicker and adds more support to comfort coils on the top. It also cuts down the motion transfer while you are in bed.

  • Cooling Materials

Some mattresses include cooling materials like graphite or cooling gel in the foam comfort layer. This cooling technology is used because foams tend to absorb body heat.  

  • Pillow Top

This is another cushioning layer that goes on the surface of the mattress. There are two kinds of pillow tops - Euro-style and standard. The vital characteristic to notice here among both pillow tops is that a Euro-style pillow does not shift or lose its shape.

  • Cover

All the components that we talked about come wrapped sequentially in a cover, becoming a mattress. The material of this cover should be soft, breathable, and should not absorb moisture. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Innerspring Mattress?

Every mattress has its pros and cons. However, the benefits of an innerspring mattress overpower its drawbacks.

The advantages of an innerspring mattress are:

  • Innerspring mattresses are familiar to your body weight. It means when you shift in your sleep, it does not sink you in disrupting your sleep. This attribute can provide you with the peace of mind required while sleeping and why you bought this mattress. 
  • This mattress keeps you cool when on the bed. If you get hot quickly in bed and disturb your sleep, this is the best mattress for you. There is a lot of space between the coils helping the air to circulate all over the mattress. 
  • Not everyone sleeps straight, and everyone has a different sleeping position. The advantage of using an innerspring mattress is that it provides comfort no matter what position you sleep in. It does not matter if you sleep on your back or stomach. An innerspring mattress will give you the comfortable sleep you deserve every night. 
  • Along with all these advantages, innerspring mattresses are also cost-effective. Yes, you read that right. These mattresses will not put a hole in your pocket. The price range of a high-quality innerspring mattress starts from as low as one thousand dollars. 
  • They last for long. You can buy an innerspring mattress and forget about mattresses for almost a decade. Also, they come in all bed sizes. You can opt for a queen innerspring mattress, twin innerspring mattress, or king innerspring mattress.

The disadvantages of Sleeping on an innerspring mattress are:

  • If you sleep with a partner and the innerspring mattress does not contain pocketed coils, then you could wake up when they shift in their sleep. You can feel your partner's movements in sleep, and it can disturb your sleep, too, if you are a light sleeper.
  • If you have joint pains and the mattress is not filled with multiple cushions and foam layers, it could cause you to lose sleep.

Where to Buy Innerspring Mattresses?

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