It’s common for it to get harder to move around with ease as you
get older, as your bones and muscles might not be as strong as they once
were. Fortunately, the right kind of living room and bedroom furniture
can make life a little easier. Keep reading and find out who can benefit
from a lift chair.

Recliners and lift chairs go hand in hand. These pieces of furniture change
their positions to make you optimally comfortable at all times. Lift chairs
can be especially helpful for older people or those who have mobility
issues. Even a bad back can get some reprieve from a lift chair. This
kind of chair lifts up off of its base, so it can guide you into a standing
position as well as allow you to recline and relax.

A lift chair can change your life, but you need to pick one up to reap the benefits, so contact Mancini’s
Sleepworld or check out our website to look at your options. Call our
offices at (800) 647-5337 for a full rundown of the headboards and bedroom
furniture you can find at our mattress store in San Francisco.