Lift recliners look much like regular recliners. However, with just the touch of a button, a lift chair tilts the base of the chair and its back forward, enabling the individual to stand up with ease. Mattress and furniture stores sell lift recliners to individuals who suffer from arthritis, chronic back pain, and sore joints. These recliners are also ideal for anyone who has any other medical condition that inhibits mobility or affects balance. 

Seat and Back Sizes 

There are two main considerations when it comes to choosing the right size of lift recliner for you: your own proportions and the space available in your home. Although there are variations among different manufacturers, here’s a look at the standard seat widths: 

  • Small/petite: 18-inch wide seats 
  • Medium: 20-inch wide seats 
  • Large: 22-inch wide seats 

Similarly, manufacturers use different heights for the back of their lift recliners. Use these measurements as general guidelines: 

  • Small/petite: 24 to 25 inches 
  • Medium: 25 to 27 inches 
  • Large: 28 to 29 inches 

When selecting the right size lift recliner, consider how you’ll typically use it. If you plan to nap in it, you’ll probably want a larger lift recliner to enhance your comfort. But if there isn’t much space available in your home, consider selecting a compact model. 

Recline Options 

Lift recliners can recline backward to different degrees. There are two main types: two position and three position lift recliners. The two position lift chairs recline back as far as 45 degrees. This won’t allow you to lie back and keep your legs as straight as you would on a full recliner. If you want to recline farther, you should select a three position lift chair.  

Additional Features 

Beyond the size and the reclining options, the other factors to consider when selecting a lift recliner are the additional features that some chairs have. For example, if you’re left-handed or you have limited use of your right hand, you should look for a model with the controls mounted on the left-hand side. If comfort is your top priority, you should look for a model that features overstuffed cushions and armrests.  

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