Are you in the process of picking out furniture for a small bedroom? If
so, then there are a number of things that you should consider during
the selection process. Read on for some helpful tips on picking out
bedroom furniture that will help you get the most function out of a small space.

Opt for Slender Pieces

When furnishing a small area, choose bedroom furniture with sleek profiles.
For example, steer away from sofas with fat, overstuffed arms, and choose
ones with thin, streamlined ones instead. Also, select a bed with a slim,
simple headboard, and lean toward nightstands that are simple and petite.

Free Up Lines of Sight

Tall furniture can make a small bedroom feel even smaller. For this reason,
interior designers recommend that you choose furniture that doesn’t
block lines of sight in the space and that you opt for transparent furniture
or pieces that aren’t too tall. Chairs with slim profiles, acrylic
and glass tables, and open-sided shelves are all examples of furniture
that can be great options for small bedrooms.

Furnish the Room’s Perimeter

When selecting pieces of furniture for a small bedroom, choose those that
you can place along the room’s walls. Furniture that needs to have
space around it on all sides will take up precious real estate in the
space. To get the most out of the room that you have, tuck the pieces
along the room’s perimeter as much as possible.

Look for Secondary Storage

Finally, one of the simplest ways that you can get more use out of your
small bedroom and its furniture is to choose pieces that not only work
well for the space, but that also offer storage. Bedframes with drawers,
ottomans with hidden compartments, and side tables with shelving are all
great examples of secondary storage choices for your small bedroom.

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