How do you sleep? Some people sleep soundly, some people hardly sleep at all, but there’s one thing that’s true of all people: we tend to favor certain sleep positions. Is there any significance to the way you position yourself when sleeping? Just like astrological signs or birth order, some believe your sleep position may give some hints about your personality. Here's what they say:

  • Fetal Position: Curling up with the knees toward the chest is the most popular way to sleep, with about 41 percent of people choosing this position. It may imply introversion and sensitivity or a desire to protect yourself, but it can also indicate that you’re tough on the outside and sensitive inside. It’s not a bad option as a sleeping position, because it gives your spine a natural alignment.
  • Yearner: Another common sleeping position, it involves side sleeping with arms stretched out in front. A person who sleeps like this may be both open-minded and cynical, always looking for the right answers. It’s a good position for those with back or hip pain and can be improved by sleeping on the left side with a pillow for support.
  • Soldier: Sleeping on the back with arms straight by the sides can mean that you’re quiet and reserved, with strict moral codes and high standards. This position can be good for people with back and neck pain or acid reflux and can help avoid breakouts or wrinkles, but it can also cause snoring.
  • Log: Similar to the soldier in that the arms are down to the side, this is a side-sleeping position. If you sleep like this you may be friendly, carefree, and popular, but also a little too trusting. It’s a great position for keeping the neck and back in alignment.
  • Starfish: These mattress hogs sleep with their limbs spread out over the bed. However, people who sleep like this tend to be selfless, giving individuals who are great friends and good listeners. It’s not a very popular sleep position, and it may cause back pain unless you sleep with a pillow or rolled-up towel under your legs.
  • Freefall: Sleeping on the stomach, freefallers often wrap their arms around a pillow. People who sleep like this are often bold and sociable, yet thin-skinned when it comes to uncomfortable situations or criticism. For a stomach sleeper like this, it’s advisable to use a soft pillow or none at all to prevent neck problems.

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