stack of four pillows

Pillows are instrumental in giving you the most restful sleep possible. Once you have identified whether you sleep on your back or side, you’re ready to begin shopping for one of the many high-quality pillows on the market. Your local furniture retailer can help you pick out the right one for your aesthetic, comfort, and health needs. Here’s a brief look at the importance of high-quality pillows to get you started on the pillow-buying process:

Spinal Alignment
Your pillow’s primary benefit is that it supports your spine as it keeps the head, neck, and back in proper alignment. Low-quality pillows are not worth the cheaper price tag, as you can end up spending time and money treating neck pain due to sleeping in uncomfortable positions. The superior construction of Serta’s iComfort line offers memory foam support to the specific areas that need it without compromising nighttime comfort. 

No matter how effectively a pillow aligns your spine, you won’t want to sleep on it if it isn’t comfortable. With recent innovations in memory foam technology, there are no bargain-brand pillows with comfort levels that compare to today’s high-quality models. When memory foam pillows first came out, people complained that they got too warm too quickly. Now, memory foam pillows and other high-end models are built with cool preservation, ensuring maximum comfort.

Cheap, low-quality pillows offer no protection against allergies. Pillows stuffed with down can transport allergens such as dust and dust mites. In some cases, the feathers themselves are the allergens. With high-quality pillow options, you can sidestep the sneezing by buying a hypoallergenic model.

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