bed frames bay areaYour bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and your mattress and bed
frame should be chosen with care. Your local
mattress store may also sell bedroom furniture, and if you’re buying a new mattress
from them, you may be able to get a discount or special deal on a bed
frame. Here is some information of different bed frame styles that can
complement your other bedroom furniture.

Platform Bed Frames

bed frames are great for people who gravitate towards a minimalist aesthetic.
They are very simple, and typically don’t have posts, headboards,
or footboards; instead, they just have a raised platform on which the
mattress sits, either with a box spring or without. Most people who like
platform beds appreciate their simple design and clean lines. Platform
beds can sit directly on your bedroom floor, or can have legs that lift
them up off of the floor. Both options allow for storage—you can
either store things under a bed with legs, or choose a platform bed with
built-in drawers.

Canopy Bed Frames

Canopy bed frames are romantic and old fashioned. Their tall bedposts are
connected at the top to create a frame that allows you to surround the
bed frame with draped fabrics or curtains. Whether the curtains are open
or drawn shut, the look is very dramatic. When the curtains are drawn
shut, you have a private, tent-like sleeping area that is protected from
drafts. In certain regions, you can even opt for drapery or curtains that
repel bugs and mosquitos.

Quilted Headboards and Footboards

Quilted headboards and footboards offer a vintage look for your bedroom.
The fabric that covers your headboard and footboard can coordinate or
contrast with your bedroom furniture, creating a unique aesthetic. Many
people find quilted headboards much more comfortable than wooden or metal

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