You’ve no doubt heard that it’s a bad idea to keep a television in your bedroom. Experts opine that it is disruptive to your sleep, your health, and your relationships, yet people still persist in keeping their bedroom TVs. How about you? Do you still have a television in your bedroom? If so, why? Are there as many reasons to TV as to not TV?

Bedroom television advocates argue that it’s a great de-stressing tool. Binge-watching your favorite shows in bed takes your mind off the day’s worries, and some would argue that it’s easier to fall asleep in front of a screen. What’s more, when a television is conveniently available in your bedroom, it’s easy to catch up on the news as you’re getting ready for your day.

Still, there are many compelling arguments for ditching the television set:

  • Taking the TV out of the bedroom can improve your relationship. Having a television in your bedroom cuts down on your communication, but when you remove it, you open your relationship to important, intimate conversations. There’s also evidence that couples with a TV in the bedroom have sex only half as often as those who keep their bedrooms screen-free.
  • Parents with screenless bedrooms set a better example for their kids. When children have televisions in their bedrooms, they are more likely to have sleep problems and less likely to do well in school. Having a television in the bedroom has also been linked with being overweight and having a higher risk of smoking.
  • Your health is likely to improve when you get rid of the bedroom television. Taking the television out of your bedroom makes sleep your priority, and less screen time means fewer headaches and less eye strain. Your mental health will improve as well, as feelings of loneliness and depression decrease and healthier thoughts flourish.
  • Losing one television can save money on your electric bill. Even when a television is powered off, it continues to use standby power, and that passive power from your household appliances can add up to five to ten percent of your energy costs.
  • A bedroom without a television is a more restful bedroom. Rooms have purposes, and the bedroom’s purpose should be sleep. When there’s a television in the bedroom, it tends to rob people of sleep because they get distracted and sucked into watching shows. What’s more, watching television before bed disrupts sleep cycles and even the lights from the television have a negative impact on your circadian rhythm. Even when you’re not watching it, the blinking or glowing lights disturb your rest, sending harmful electromagnetic forces your way while you sleep. Taking the television out of your room is a great first step toward making your room a peaceful place to rest.

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