You sleep on your mattress every night, so it should feel supportive and
comfortable. However, mattresses wear down, collect bacteria, and eventually
feel uncomfortable. These common symptoms of an old or poor-quality mattress
can cause you to lose sleep and wake up in pain. These are important reasons
to replace your mattress with a new and more comfortable version.
Read on for a better explanation of the top reasons to replace an old mattress.

It has a dip in the middle.

Your mattress should remain firm under your body for several years. However,
the coils and materials of any type of mattress will eventually degrade
and weaken over time. In addition to this natural occurrence, sweat, dead
skin cells, and dust will accumulate and weigh down your mattress. These
factors will likely cause dips in your mattress. If you notice a significant
dip—likely where you sleep—then it is time to look at replacement

It has a distinct smell.

Due to the accumulation of sweat, skin cells, and dust, your mattress could
begin to smell over time. If there have been any spills or stains, then
these will also contribute to a smell. All of these materials carry bacteria
that multiple and eventually develop bad odors. If you notice any type
of unattractive smell in your mattress, then start looking for a replacement.

You have allergy symptoms.

You may think that allergy symptoms only occur when you step out into nature.
However, many allergens can be found in your house. Dust, dirt, pollen,
and bacteria can all be found in your carpets, bedding, pillows, and mattress.
If you sneeze, cough, or become extra stuffy every time you get into bed,
then it is crucial to replace your mattress soon.

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