new mattress

Once you find the perfect new Serta mattress to cradle you to sleep each night, it’s time to learn the most effective ways to ensure its longevity. With the right amount of maintenance and care, your new mattress could provide you with a great night’s sleep for the next 15 years. Here are some helpful tips for prolonging the life of your mattress:

Rotate the Mattress Regularly
One of the simplest tricks for increasing the lifespan of your mattress is to rotate it several times throughout the year. Rotating it 180 degrees will prevent it from developing a permanent sag in the area where you sleep each night. If your mattress features a memory foam top, then skip this step altogether—these unique mattresses will not leave a permanent imprint.

Keep Dust Mites Away
Over time, even the most advanced standard or adjustable mattresses can become a magnet for dead skin debris, pet dander, dust mites, and dirt. To prevent these nasty allergens from polluting the air in your bedroom and destroying your mattress, be sure to vacuum around your home at least once per week.

Add a Mattress Cover
Another easy way to keep your mattress looking and feeling great is to invest in a good mattress cover. Mattress covers fit securely over any type of mattress and serve to keep dust mites and stains at bay. They can also be removed and thrown in the washing machine with your linens to provide an extra element of cleanliness to your sleeping area.

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