Everything in your bedroom can affect the way you sleep. In order to create an ideal environment that helps you get the best sleep, you have to eliminate distractions and create the right atmosphere. Use these tips to transform your bedroom into the optimal sleeping environment:

Buy the Perfect Mattress

The surface you rest on has a bigger impact on your ability to fall asleep than you might realize. If your body is not surrounded by the proper comfort and support, your brain cannot achieve a deep enough sleep. Fix this problem by upgrading to a mattress that actually enables you to wake up feeling rested. Whether you prefer the iComfort Sleep System, traditional memory foam, or an adjustable mattress, buy a mattress that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Surround Yourself with Darkness

Unbeknownst to you, your brain picks up on any amount of light present in your bedroom, which can disrupt your circadian rhythm. Give yourself the chance to fall asleep and stay asleep by ensuring that your room is dark. Do not leave the television on while you are trying to fall asleep. Turn off any computers or electronics that you keep inside the bedroom. Find blackout curtains that will completely block any exterior light from entering the room.

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

One of the best ways to encourage your body to fall asleep is to create a regular sleeping pattern. If you can, try to go to sleep around the same time each night. Avoid napping during the day, or you could ruin your entire sleep schedule. When you regulate your sleeping patterns, it will be much easier to get the rest you need.

Mancini’s Sleepworld can help you create the perfect atmosphere for sleeping comfortably in your bedroom. Our selection of quality memory foam, Simmons, Sealy, and Serta mattresses give you the support you need. To learn more about our product selection, visit us online or call (800) 641-5337.