Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. It’s the foundation of good health and quality of life. But if your mattress doesn’t suit your body type, you’re probably tossing and turning at night. Invest in your wellness by upgrading your bed. A staff member at the mattress store can help you find the right mattress for your unique body type.

Small Body Types

Petite, thin individuals typically feel most comfortable on a very soft bed. A mattress that’s too firm won’t provide enough “give” at the pressure points (shoulders and hips). A soft bed allows the sleeper to sink into the bed just enough to align the spine comfortably and relieve pressure. Small body types tend to do well with memory foam, latex, or memory foam and latex hybrid beds. Some might prefer a softer innerspring mattress with a luxurious pillowtop.

Heavy Body Types

Sleepers who are heavier and larger tend to feel most comfortable on a medium firm bed. A bed that’s too soft would allow a heavier sleeper to sink into the material too far, which can actually stress the back and neck because it misaligns the spine. It can also cause the muscles and joints to feel discomfort. Instead, heavier sleepers should choose a bed that offers enough support to keep the spine aligned. A thicker mattress is also a good idea. Heavier sleepers typically do well with innerspring mattresses, although some of them may prefer an innerspring topped with dense foam for extra comfort.

Pregnant Body Types

Sleep is so important for a healthy pregnancy, but it often proves elusive, particularly during the second and third trimesters. Moms-to-be can pamper themselves with a new bed that suits their unique needs. While every expecting mom is different, many of them prefer a foam-based mattress or a hybrid bed. Note that pregnant women are often hot sleepers, so a gel-based mattress may be the best choice.

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