If you feel lost when it comes to decorating and choosing furniture for your child’s bedroom, look below for tips. You’ll find helpful suggestions on how to choose furniture that matches your kid’s personality and lifestyle.

  • Number of Children

The first thing you’ll need to consider when choosing bedroom furniture is the number of children who will be sleeping in the room. If you have two or more children sharing one room, you may want to consider bunk beds. If you and your child love to host sleepovers, you may want to purchase a bed that comes with a pull-out mattress.

Kid's Bedroom

  • Storage Space

Next, you’ll need to think about how much storage you’ll need. If your child has a large bedroom with a large closet, you may only need a chest that sits at the end of the bed. However, you may want to buy a bed frame that features drawers, shelves, and bins. A platform bed offers plenty of space underneath for storage.

  • Your Kids’ Personalities

When shopping for children’s bedroom furniture, consider your children’s personalities. The more at-home your children feel in their rooms, the less likely they are to bring their toys into the living room and kitchen. If your child enjoys learning or needs a proper place to do homework, look for a new desk. If your child is into cars or princesses, look for racecar- or Cinderella-themed bedding. No matter you kids’ preferences, they’re sure to love a fun beanbag!

  • Efficiency

Lastly, you want your child’s bedroom furniture to be easy to use. Drawers should be easy to reach and pull out, getting in and out of bed should be safe and quick, and playtime and cleanup should be a breeze. This will help your child become more independent.


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