Once your baby outgrows the crib, it
is time to find his first mattress. This should be an exciting time in your family’s life! Be sure
to enjoy one of your child’s first steps from babyhood to childhood.

Look at the Mattress Material

Your child is probably going to spend more time on his mattress than anywhere
else, so make sure the materials it is made of are safe. Some mattresses
may contain harmful chemicals or materials that can be detrimental to
a person’s health. Also, consider your child’s sinuses and
immune system. If he tends to get sick often, or he has allergies, then
look for hypoallergenic mattresses and pillows. Ask your mattress store
and research brands online to determine the best materials available.

Look at the Mattress Size

Most likely, your child is going to be sleeping on their first mattress
for quite a while. He is going to grow like a weed during that time, so
look for a mattress that will accommodate him as he grows up. You may
even wish to get something that could see him through to adulthood, so
get an appropriate mattress size for the future.

Consider Your Child’s Opinion

Everyone has an opinion about their preferred mattress type—firm,
soft, or somewhere in between—and your child will have an opinion
too. Let him lie down on the few mattresses that you are comfortable buying,
and then ask him questions about how the mattress makes him feel. You
might also allow your child some input on the bed frame and other accessories
so that he will feel comfortable and cozy in his first real bed.

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