Proper support is essential for getting a night of recuperative rest, and a new
mattress is an investment in your quality and comfort of sleep. To keep it in good
condition, keep a few mattress care tips in mind.

Proper Installation

After purchasing a new mattress or bed, it’s important for it to
be correctly assembled. If installed incorrectly, it’s possible
that your new mattress or sleep set could be damaged or be uncomfortable
to sleep on. A new mattress will sometimes have an odor when it is first
unpacked. Give your new mattress a few hours to air out before adding
your bedding and any smells should dissipate quickly.

Proper Protection

A supportive bed frame is necessary for keeping your mattress in good condition.
If your bed is queen or king-sized, be sure that the frame has strong
support in the center to prevent your mattress from sagging, which could
cause damage to your mattress and discomfort when sleeping. A high-quality,
washable mattress pad is a smart investment to help keep your mattress
in good condition. It will prevent staining to the mattress fabric and
you can wash it along with your bedding, which will help keep your sleep
set fresh.

Proper Care

Using a mattress pad will help keep your mattress clean, but if you are
still concerned about cleanliness, avoid using dry cleaning products on
your mattress which can damage the outer fabric or filling. Instead, vacuuming
is the recommended solution for cleaning your mattress. If your mattress
is stained, be sure to use only a mild soap, and always avoid getting
your mattress wet. To get the longest lifespan out of your mattress, rotate
it every three to four months, flipping it over top-to-bottom as well
as lengthwise.

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