It can be confusing when you
see the many mattress types available. Don’t become overwhelmed. Visit your mattress store for
more information, and until then, here are the most common types of mattresses.


When you hear foam, you probably think of memory foam, or visco elastic.
Foam mattresses are not all created from memory foam material, though.
Some might contain polyurethane or latex foam, and often they will contain
some kind of gel material, as well.

Pillow Top

A pillow top mattress simply refers to an extra layer on top of the mattress.
This extra layer can add more comfort and softness, and it is usually
made from fiber and foam.


Innerspring mattresses are one of the most common types of mattress. Typically
made with a steel coil support system, there are several varieties of
innerspring mattresses. Materials can range from foam to fiber or other
types of padding. The coils can also have an effect on the rest of the
mattress depending on their shapes, amounts, and gauges.


The gel in these mattresses is usually combined with foam. The added gel
can influence comfort levels, as well as offer cooling and heat dissipation


Waterbeds consist of a water chamber surrounded by padding materials, which
might be foam or fiber. The water chamber can be “free flow”
or “waveless” depending on your preference. “Free flow”
waterbeds do not constrict the water’s motion; “waveless”
waterbeds utilize a baffle to contain the water’s motion.

Air bed

If you prefer an adjustable bed, you might try a residential air bed. These
are different from camping air mattresses because they are covered by
thicker padding and made to act as a conventional bed. Most air mattresses
have the capability to adjust both sides of the mattress to suit a couple
using the bed.

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