When picking a mattress, the firmness of the mattress is likely to be one of the most significant factors that you consider. Many people who experience back pain or other kinds of discomfort look for the support of a firm mattress, but other people may find that a firm mattress are too hard to give them any kind of relief. Soft mattresses are not right for everyone, but they are the perfect fit for some—could they be right for you? 

Soft mattresses are ideal for people who weigh under 200 pounds, since they may not weigh enough to sink into a firm mattress. The lighter someone is, the softer the mattress they can tolerate. Side sleepers also do well on soft mattresses and are more likely to find them comfortable than back sleepers.  

Mancini’s Sleepworld has mattresses ranging from very soft to very firm, so there is something in our 33 mattress stores for every kind of sleeper. You can learn more about our selection by calling (800) 647-5337.