Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position. More than 50% of people sleep on their sides, either with their legs outstretched or with them pulled up towards their chest. Fortunately for side sleepers, there are many mattresses that are designed to give support from the side, ensuring a good night’s rest without aches and pains in the morning. If you’re a side sleeper in need of a mattress, this advice will help you choose the perfect one for your needs.  

Look for a Soft Mattress 

It’s common to hear people extol the virtues of a firm mattress, but for side sleepers, softness counts. Firm mattresses are too hard for side sleepers, who need to sink into the mattress to feel comfortable. A firm mattress can put too much pressure on the hips and the shoulders, pressing on those joints and even pushing the spine out of alignment. As a result, side sleepers on firm mattresses often end up in pain. Look for a soft mattress, or if you feel like you need a little more support, look for a medium soft mattress that has some additional heft but is still soft enough to let you sink in.  

Opt for Latex Memory Foam 

Memory foam is a good option for side sleepers, since it contours to the body and cradles you, giving you the right mix of support and softness. However, many side sleepers find traditional memory foam too hot. Latex memory foam offers the best of both worlds, because it allows air to circulate. Latex also keeps its shape more than traditional memory foam, so it is less likely to develop the permanent depressions that traditional memory foam often develops.  

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