Just because you want to get a bargain on your mattress doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort. With Stratus, you can have it all—a great night’s sleep at an unbeatable price. Mancini’s Sleepworld is proud to bring you the comfort and affordability of Stratus by Sleepworld Designs. Here is what you need to know about choosing your Stratus mattress.

Three Mattress Options

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to beds. That’s why Stratus offers three different mattress designs, letting you get the right support and comfort without blowing your budget. Here is a look at the three mattress options.

  • The Stratus: A memory foam mattress that offers breathability for optimum sleep temperatures, plus the comfort and support that conforms to your body that you expect from memory foam.
  • Stratus Elite: If you’re tired of feeling hot at night, then the Stratus Elite is right for you. This mattress combines latex and memory foam, allowing body heat to be dispersed, so you feel cool and comfortable. The memory foam of the mattress supports pressure points.
  • Stratus Hybrid: Are you looking for the best of both worlds in your mattress? The Stratus Hybrid combines innerspring and memory foam, so you can the maximum amount of pressure relief with a plush feel and no motion transfer.

Additional Stratus Benefits

When you shop for a Stratus mattress at Mancini’s Sleepworld, you get even more than the three comfort options. We also offer free next-day delivery in Northern California and free shipping across the Continental United States. In-home setup is free, and we will also remove your old bed during local deliveries. Financing options are available, and you get to sleep on your new mattress for 120 nights before deciding if you’d like to keep it. In short, Stratus gives you much more than any other similarly priced mattress, on top of the superior comfort you get from all three mattress designs.

Is a Stratus mattress right for you? Visit one of Mancini’s Sleepworld’s 33 locations around the San Francisco area to learn more. You can call (800) 647-5337 to place an order or get more information.