iComfort Mattress

One of the biggest complaints that customers have about standard memory foam is that it tends to become warm when it comes into contact with the body. In response to this shortcoming, the research and design time over at Serta created the revolutionary Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, which is just one of the unique technologies featured in their iComfort Sleep System. The memory foam contains millions of MicroSupport gel beads that allow the material to breathe and resist the absorption of body heat from a sleeper. Unlike other mattress companies, Serta does not simply coat or blend their memory foam with these special gel beads, but actually infuses them into the material during production.

Not only is the Cool Action Gel Memory Foam featured in the iComfort system breathable and resistant to heat, but it is also durable and supportive. In fact, 97% of customers who purchased an iComfort mattress would recommend it to a loved one, based on the great night's sleep that it consistently provides. If you're interested in learning more about the technology that sets iComfort Sleep System mattresses apart from their competitors, then call Mancini's Sleepworld at (800) 641-5337 or visit any one of our 31 Bay Area stores.