Small living rooms can be tricky to furnish. You need a certain number of furniture pieces to make the room functional, but you don’t want to over-furnish it and have it feel too crowded. You can start by choosing the largest piece of furniture in the space: The sofa. Then, you can choose complementary pieces to complete the look, like an occasional table and the entertainment center.


Some sofas can best be described as “overstuffed.” They feature large, cushiony arms, thick backs, and fluffy seats. These sofas look quite inviting to sit in, but in a small living room, they can feel overbearing. Instead, look for a sofa with more conservative upholstery. It will still feel quite comfortable, but it won’t overwhelm the room. You could also add a few small throw pillows to the sofa to enhance the comfort level of your guests.


It seems like common sense to choose a small sofa for a small living room. But before you do so, consider whether a loveseat would meet all of your seating needs. If you like to have guests visit your home, you’ll need a recliner or two in addition to a loveseat. Filling a small living room with many small pieces instead of one or two large pieces actually makes it look more cluttered and “busy.” Instead, consider choosing a large sofa with conservative upholstery. Just remember to measure the room’s dimensions first.


Color is crucial in a small space. A color scheme that’s too dark will make the whole room look smaller. Consider decorating your living room with monochromatic colors to lighten it up. Paint the walls white. Choose a sofa that has a light, neutral tones like beige or tan. You can add a splash of color with throw pillows and a small throw blanket.

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