Mornings can be hectic, and evenings might not be any better—especially
if you have hungry kids who are demanding dinner. With such a busy schedule,
it can be tempting to skip making the bed. After all, you’re just
going to mess it up again each night anyway, right? But if you do give
in to temptation, you’ll miss out on the following benefits of making your
bed every single morning.

It’s your first accomplishment of the day.

Making your bed seems like such a small thing to do, but it really does
establish the right tone for the rest of the day. If you’re doubtful,
consider that all military servicemembers are expected to keep their racks
shipshape—with square corners, tight covers, and centered pillows.
If proper bed-making is good enough for Navy SEALS, then it’s definitely
good enough for the average person. In fact, in a commencement speech,
Admiral William H. McRaven told graduates that they could change the world—and it all starts by making their
bed daily. He noted that the sense of productivity that comes from making
one’s bed can encourage one to continue achieving task after task
for the rest of the day.

It supports stress management and a good mood.

Have you ever noticed how you tend to be more stressed out when the house
is a mess? It’s tough to maintain serenity in the midst of chaos.
By making your bed every morning, your bedroom will look far more organized
and inviting.

It’ll make your evenings more relaxing.

After a busy day working, running errands, and caring for the kids, it
can be disheartening to finally walk into your bedroom and see a messy,
unmade bed. Making your bed every morning allows you to look forward to
getting back into it that evening. So take a few minutes tomorrow morning
to start forming this habit, and you’ll thank yourself for it every evening.

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