The way we care for our bodies, how we spend our time during the day, and
the bedding we have to work with will all play a role in our ability to
sleep soundly throughout the night. Factors like how many pillows you
have, the way you orient yourself, and
what type of pillow you use for your head can also have an impact. Here are some pillow tips for all
sleep positions.

Number of Pillows

You might like sleeping with a bed full of pillows, just one lone pillow,
or even no pillows at all. No matter what your favorite sleeping position
is, you should consider the number of pillows you use. This is most important
when it comes to your head. Your head needs the right support, or you’ll
wake up with aches and pains that follow you around all day. You should
really only use one pillow for your head in any position, so you can support
your neck and spine without disrupting your sleep.

Body Positioning

While you only need one pillow for your head, you might use others to support
the rest of your body. If you sleep on your stomach, a pillow under your
abdomen can help your back. Those who sleep on their backs can do the
same thing by putting a pillow under their knees. Side sleepers can align
their spines by putting a pillow under the top armpit and one between the legs.

The Right Kind of Pillow

Pillows are more about quality than quantity. Don’t try to make up
for a bad pillow by stacking more on top of it, and instead find one that
can actually offer the support you need. A better pillow can stop your
snoring and improve your sleep.

Using these pillow tips can improve your sleep, but you need the right
bed in San Francisco to be sure you’re getting quality rest every night. At
Mancini’s Sleepworld, you can find anything you need to improve your sleep, including adult
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