Furniture in CaliforniaDecorating any small room can be a challenge; however, bedrooms that lack
a generous amount of square footage can be especially difficult to work
with. With the right amount of planning and a little help from the professionals at a
San Francisco mattress store, you can trick the eye and create a cozy, comfortable space to rest your
head. Here is our guide to picking the right furniture for small bedrooms.

Prioritize Functionality

Shopping for small spaces is far easier these days than it once was. Many bedroom furniture manufacturers
and retailers offer stylish yet functional pieces that can serve double
duty by offering plenty of storage space. Look for armoires and cabinets
that take up very little floor space but instead offer generous storage
vertically. Beds that offer storage below or even built-in cabinets are
also a must for tight bedroom spaces.

Keep the Color Palette Tranquil

Another way to trick the eye into thinking that a bedroom is larger is
to select a bed and other furniture that is finished in a lighter color.
Opt for neutrals like creams, whites, and earth tones for synthetic materials,
and choose light varieties of wooden furniture such as almond, birch,
or cherry beds and cabinets. Complement this calm palette with accessories
that offer a pop of color to give the space some character.

Create a Focal Point

Lastly, be sure to create a focal point in the room by placing the bed
in the center. Strategically placing the headboard and footboard in the
middle of the room will make the space feel organized and well put together,
which will have the effect of making it appear larger instead of crowded.
Additional furniture such as a sofa can be placed at the foot of the bed
to add functional sitting space in the room.

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